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Going Deep

Going Deep

By Sarah Lemon
A yoga instructor for five years and longtime practitioner of the ancient Indian discipline, Jackie...
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Natural Home Remedies That Work

For Sandi Thompson, proof of cranberries' healing power is in her liver.
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Overleaf Spa

Some identify it as a cultural trend that modern society increasingly looks to spa treatments for...
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Clothes with a Conscience

For many people, health goes beyond the foods they eat and the exercises they do.
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Sharon Johnson's Column

Fiber is critical to our daily diet

By Sharon Johnson
"If you have magazines in your bathroom, you're not getting enough fiber in...
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Michael Altman's Column


By Michael Altman
I have a client who is fortunate enough to have recovered from breast cancer...
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Shaping Up Those 'Hello Helen' Muscles

Shaping Up Those 'Hello Helen' Muscles

While visiting with my mother recently, we were discussing senior fitness and how important it is to preserve range of motion, flexibility and good muscle tone.
Happy Marriage Lowers Blood Pressure

Happy Marriage Lowers Blood Pressure

Don't be fooled, single men and single women. It's better for your health to be married.
Be Cool

Be Cool

It's hot, very hot.
Better  Bones

Better Bones

Betrayed by his bones when he fell from a step-stool and fractured vertebrae, Jim Herbage was nonetheless surprised by news that he had osteoporosis.
Life Extension

Life Extension

In the late 1500s, the Hungarian countess Erzebet Bathory bathed in human blood in an attempt to maintain her youth. Juan Ponce de Leon spent 30 years looking for the Fountain of Youth.


I have a client who is fortunate enough to have recovered from breast cancer and now spends time sailing around New Zealand with her husband.

Doctors Renew Heart Advice: Experts Focus on Preventive Steps

The high-profile heart attack death of NBC newsman Tim Russert has triggered a flood of questions from patients, internists and cardiologists say.

How to combat ID thieves

Identity thieves are poised to strike at any time, but you can limit your exposure to painful financial trouble if you're careful.
Tell us your story

Tell us your story

The gap between knowledge and wisdom is thin — about the width of a chocolate chunk cookie — but the distance can seem huge when you're standing on the edge of who you are, gazing across...

Q&A: 10,000 steps

Q: I've heard many recommendations to use a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps a day. I've been using one for years and usually meet or exceed the target.

Quick Study: Sunburn