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Shopper's guide to supermarket green

Shopper's guide to supermarket green

By Jessica Eldredge
It's hard to walk down the grocery aisle these days and not be swallowed up in the rising tide of...
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Ready, set, run

Running for exercise and competition has exploded in popularity in the past 15 years, but unlike...
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Gluten-free and growing

Janelle Meinhardt used to get mystery headaches and upset stomachs that lasted for days.
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Healing touch

A gift certificate granted Karen Lafitte her first spa massage, a "wonderful" experience that she...
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Sharon Johnson's Column

Older is happier

By Sharon Johnson
Old people are happy. Happier, it seems, than their younger counterparts.
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Michael Altman's Column

Anti-inflammatory diet

By Michael Altman
Increasing numbers of people are suffering from inflammatory diseases that...
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Eggplant caviar

Eggplant caviar

This dish is very tasty and keeps well. First-place winner in the 2008 Oregon Healthy Living magazine recipe contest, submitted by Dana Giffen of Ashland.

Overscheduled teens down energy drinks, with some risk

NEW YORK — Between homework, cheerleading and working at Wendy’s, Megan Ward was tired from being always on the go.


Amp, Monster, Red Bull, Spike Shooter, Redline — energy drinks for a new generation.

Energy drinks try appealing to niche audiences

NEW YORK — Go Girl. King 888. Brain Toniq.
Northern California Getaway

Northern California Getaway

Even the healthiest lifestyle can get off-track when pressures at work and at home start robbing your peace of mind.

How do we know our caffeine limit?

NEW YORK — Men may be able to handle alcohol better than women, but that doesn’t necessarily hold true for caffeine, researchers say.

Going gluten-free

At the Whole Foods Market in El Segundo, Calif.

Debts cause pain in the neck

Debt is becoming a major pain in the neck - and the back and head and stomach - for millions of Americans.
Anti-inflammatory diet

Anti-inflammatory diet

Increasing numbers of people are suffering from inflammatory diseases that wreak havoc across various body systems.
Free your inner six-pack

Free your inner six-pack

"What exercise can I do that will get rid of this?" clients ask while pointing to love handles and a thick waistline. They hope some specific exercise or super machine will eat their accumulated fat.
We're eating good at  Healthy Living  headquarters  this month

We're eating good at Healthy Living headquarters this month

Eggplant caviar ... cauliflower lasagna ... citrus-mint orzo salad ... quinoa spring rolls ... French-American rhubarb tart ... sugar-free apple pie ... mom's date pudding.

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