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Basking  in the glow

Basking in the glow

Sarah Lemon
Seventy years after Ashland residents relinquished hope that their town would become a premier...
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The joy of healthful cooking

Mary Shaw's Oatmeal Snack Cookies, adapted from "Joy of Cooking," are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.
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Herbal renaissance

Calendula and grindelia blossoms drying in wire-mesh racks paint the room golden almost to its high...
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Acupuncture Evolution

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Have you stopped playing tennis because it hurts your elbow?
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Alternatives enter the mainstream

Alternatives enter the mainstream

Jill Eisner lay still as an acupuncturist pushed thin needles into her face and feet, with soft music playing in the background. In another room, an herbologist studied his antidote for severe acne:...

Building a healthy 401(k)

Long-term investing through your 401(k) plan means taking risks, but how much is too much?
FivePine Lodge

FivePine Lodge

In today's fast-forward society, putting hectic lives on hold for vacation time is a challenge. With demands at home and the office, Day-Timers quickly overflow with tasks and appointments.

Experts Divided Over Back’s Core Issue

You roll around on your Swiss ball like a grizzly with a back itch. You do crunches and work your obliques like a champ. So you must have good core stability, right? And core stability will reduce...

Gums and Teeth Give Clues About What’s Going On Inside Your Body

The way to a person’s heart is through his stomach, the adage goes. But researchers now think the way to a healthy heart might be through your gums and teeth.
A great workout for women who like to throw their weights around

A great workout for women who like to throw their weights around

Nothing quite says “manly” like a cannonball with a handle. Fittingly, this intimidating weight, known as a kettlebell, comes with a testosterone-laden history: It debuted more than a century ago in...

Hospitals Say Yes to Unconventional Care

Hospitals are increasingly offering complementary and alternative treatment options to patients. For example:
Weighty tips for better training

Weighty tips for better training

An Olympic-style weight lifter at the tender age of 8, Jolaina Peltier bears the scars of overtraining.

Healthy Calendar: Sept. 22, 2008

Get ready  for golf

Get ready for golf

In all sports, specific kinds of conditioning and strengthening exercises are critical to maximum performance. Tiger Woods, for example, spends considerable time concentrating on movements to improve...

No Capsule to Toy With

What was a model doing in a metal capsule at February’s Tokyo Health Industry Show? Promoting the use of hyperbaric chambers to relieve stress and boost energy.
Granny would be so happy

Granny would be so happy

Are you old enough to remember when acupuncture seemed like something out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and naturopathy was seen as an aberrant offshoot of the hippie movement?

Parent Care: Family Challenge

For millions of people who care for aging relatives, everyday life can be a struggle emotionally, financially and physically. This is especially true for adults who find themselves the caregivers of...

Less Time for Grandparenting

He has gray hair, a wrinkled Clint Eastwood grin and an artificial knee, and he’s wheeling a stroller to the park. Not gramps, but an older dad, a 60-plus father of young children — the New Nurturer...

Weighing diets against each other

The way to lose weight is pretty simple: Eat less and exercise more. So why are there so many diet books and plans?