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Tai Chi: Art of  Balance

Tai Chi: Art of Balance

By Sarah Lemon
Without a word and hardly a sound, four women sketch a series of synchronized steps across the lawn...
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Training Your New Body

When you need help with a new project, sometimes it is better to turn to a human than a book...
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Pilates: Going to the Core

Tendons severed and bones smashed in a head-on car crash, Susan Huntley couldn't walk for months.
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Magnesium, the Mineral Marvel

Magnesium is a major mineral that's integral to human health. In nutritional terms, magnesium is...
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Drinking from the Soil

Drinking from the Soil

Most people eat from their garden. My wife, Nancy, and I drink from ours. We call it our smoothie garden.
Footprint for Health

Footprint for Health

After the ballyhoo is over, the last elliptical machine has extracted the last drop of sweat, the last mile has been jogged and the last health-club payment has been made, it may come out that the...
Eating Better Every Day

Eating Better Every Day

When it comes to what's for dinner, more Americans are picking something good for them, says an Oregon State University researcher.
Feast  for the eyes

Feast for the eyes

Baby boomers are aging, and progressive eye diseases are increasing.
Feeding the Young Athlete

Feeding the Young Athlete

Like so many parents, Cynthia Lair felt a rush of excitement at her daughter's sporting events.

Dig Deep Coconut-Date Treats

3/4 cup pecans, coarsely chopped

Slam-Dunk Sesame Noodles

1/4 cup sesame seeds
Heavenly Inn Near Hellgate Canyon

Heavenly Inn Near Hellgate Canyon

The morning sun takes forever to illuminate the steep rock faces lining the mighty Rogue River's Hellgate Canyon. Whitewater sends plumes skyward where boulders squeeze the flow and force spectacular...
Putting Your Affairs in Order

Putting Your Affairs in Order

Life-coaching may be Elizabeth Austin's calling. But in decades of working as a nurse and, more recently, easing several friends' passing, she's started to meditate more on death.
Shrinking Muffin Tops

Shrinking Muffin Tops

You've heard the expression, art imitates life. I think of this as food imitates hips.

Psyched Up Smoothie

1/2 ripe banana

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