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Gift of health

Gift of health

By Sarah Lemon
Tacky knick-knacks and sugary, fatty snacks are bound to crash any holiday gift exchange. Don't add...
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Secrets of the super seniors

If you see Powell Palmerston bicycling around Medford, putting on 25 miles a day, you'd be amazed...
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Ties that bind

For some couples, "the ties that bind" refer to the laces on their running shoes. They find that...
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Irrigate your head

When the air fills with pollen, Larry Aerni plugs his nose — with water.
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Sharon Johnson's Column

Earn your 'Mastery' certificate in 5 steps

By Sharon Johnson
I need your help. A few months ago I had a bold, audacious idea. It involved...
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Michael Altman's Column

Le nut crust

By Michael Altman
Pies are arguably the signature desserts of the holiday season. Among those...
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Tofu pumpkin pie

Tofu pumpkin pie

This healthful, low-fat recipe was chosen from our online recipe box by kitchen tester Shonna Zimmerman. It makes a smooth and creamy pumpkin pie with the added protein and nutritional benefits of...
Stuffed acorn squash

Stuffed acorn squash

This recipe was submitted by Judi L. Holdeman of Gold Hill for the Oregon Healthy Living Magazine recipe contest. She describes it as a great vegetarian main course or hearty side dish.
Extracts, tinctures, tonics and teas

Extracts, tinctures, tonics and teas

Like the seasons, the popularity of herbs runs in cycles.
Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Whether you've been sitting on the couch since the days got short or raising your heart rate regularly, your muscles are going to be in for a jolt when you reintroduce them to your favorite winter...
Resisting the urge for hibernation

Resisting the urge for hibernation

The days are short and getting shorter. It's gloomy and cold outside. Not the kind of weather that invites your usual walk around the block or jog with the pooch. If you don't have a gym membership,...
Pampered in portland

Pampered in portland

Portland's Avalon Hotel and Spa, located at the edge of the trendy South Waterfront District and the Willamette River, treats health-conscious travelers to a combination of refined luxury and...