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Farmer's market guide

Farmer's market guide

By Sarah Lemon
When Robert McWilliams' enthusiasm for traversing rows of chard, kale, leeks and beets near his...
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Solar-powered poultry

The Talent farm's namesake brambles are bare under early spring skies, and its three squat chicken...
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The 10 healthiest foods you're probably not eating

We all know about kale, fish, yogurt, whole grains and all the other foods that are good for us,...
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Mix it up

Feel like you're "doing your duty" by spending hours on the treadmill, but not getting the...
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Sus•tain'a•bil'i•ty (n)

Sus•tain'a•bil'i•ty (n)

"Sustainability" has lent a lofty tone to goals of protecting the environment, promoting efficiency and improving standards of living. The burst of an economic bubble recently gave the buzzword new...
The 'terroir' within

The 'terroir' within

"Terroir" is an identifiable word to deft wine drinkers and French speakers, but it should also be familiar to anyone interested in a healthy immune system, strong bones and good energy levels.
Stability balls: toys or torture?

Stability balls: toys or torture?

A stability ball can add an interesting new dimension to your workouts. My clients seem to enjoy incorporating it into their routines for a wide variety of options.
Woods and water

Woods and water

If your idea of a "green" getaway includes tall, fragrant pine trees, grassy acres that invite Frisbee tossing, miles of scenic hiking and biking trails and a place to wet your fishing line, Joseph...
Healthier by the bin

Healthier by the bin

Pellets, powders and pastes in the bulk section of stores like Food 4 Less have intimidated many shoppers new to purchasing from plastic bins — even cooking instructor Mary Shaw.

The essential recycling directory

Glass, cardboard and milk jugs are easy enough. But how to recycle items like ink cartridges, Styrofoam packing peanuts, fluorescent bulbs or latex paint can stump even the most environmentally savvy...

Phoenix organics

When Abraham Harris and Steven Jaramillo moved to the Rogue Valley in 2002, they saw an immediate demand for organic agriculture products.

From student to teacher

When his clients began asking him tough, technical questions about eco-friendly homes, Medford realtor Don McCoy realized he had a lot to learn.

Green drinks expands

A new twist on cocktail hour has the green light in Medford.

Master gardeners spring fair

Green spells more than success in the garden.

Fred Gant: green networker

When Fred Gant built his own "green" home in 2005, it was the fulfillment of a long-time dream. During the 1980s and 1990s, Gant installed greenhouses and sun rooms for the nonprofit Sunergy, but by...

Grants Pass Electric Vehicles

Grants Pass mechanic and entrepreneur Sean Rarey was having trouble helping people find low-priced electric vehicles, so he decided to start selling them himself.

Rogue Valley Earth Day celebration

A new "water bar" will be a focal point of this year's Rogue Valley Earth Day celebration on April 25, billed as a zero-waste event.
our green anniversary

our green anniversary

Oregon Healthy Living magazine turns a year old this month, which seemed like the perfect time to launch our first “green” issue.