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Grind it,  Pulp it,  Mill it,  Mash it

Grind it, Pulp it, Mill it, Mash it

By Sarah Lemon
Some alternatives for Julie Furrer's children, such as home birth with a midwife's aid, came after...
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Running Y Ranch

From the third-story window of the lodge, bright green fairways stretch toward the horizon to the...
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How about an exercise that's easy, pleasant and costs $30 for what looks a lot like the hula hoop...
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Get Intense

You can follow all the popular workout regimens you want, but unless you apply "intensity," you'll...
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Sharon Johnson's Column

Marketing approach plays on instinct

By Sharon Johnson
What motivates your "best self?"
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Michael Altman's Column

To your health

By Michael Altman
Savor the bouquet — notes of clove, stone fruit, leather, earth, smoke.
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The magic pill

The magic pill

A 21-year military career impressed upon Frank Sobotka the importance of daily exercise — be it running, bicycling, weight-lifting or racquetball — that continued into his 60s.
Horse-powered grains

Horse-powered grains

The horses' tack clinks and clangs musically in the morning air.
Therapeutic adventure

Therapeutic adventure

The Hughes family stands in a circle with joined hands. A variety of emotions play across the features of each, from sullen reluctance to hopeful anticipation.
Anytime, anywhere

Anytime, anywhere

Not everyone who wants to stay fit has access to a gym. That's the beauty of body-weight exercises — no equipment needed.
Stretching muscles and dollars

Stretching muscles and dollars

Yoga and Pilates instructor Celina Dominguez hopes that, in the lean economy, a twist on her business will help students tighten more than their core muscles.
To your health

To your health

Savor the bouquet — notes of clove, stone fruit, leather, earth, smoke. Ahh, the language of wine, a world of voluptuous adjectives.
Chew on this

Chew on this

Pat French woke up one morning recently and couldn't open her jaw without pain.