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Hula Halau

Hula Halau

By Sarah Lemon
A rainbow of skirts sways to the monotone chant that undulates like gentle ocean waves, punctuated...
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Trail Hoofers

Peggy Pitt lacked a home and employment when she moved to Oregon in 1967. But she couldn't wait to...
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Yoga in the Crater

At Crater Lake, the words "depth" and "clarity" are relevant to more than the national park's...
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Green on the Mountain

There's a sign on the Pacific Crest Trail coming down from the Siskiyou Summit that welcomes...
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Sharon Johnson's Column

How can I help you? Be nice

By Sharon Johnson
Call me, would you? My number is 555-621-2037. Except, it's not. And if it was,...
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Michael Altman's Column

Nutritional Bang

By Michael Altman
OK, are you ready? The word from the recent European Congress on Obesity, held...
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Fitness on the Go

Fitness on the Go

Whether you're planning an exotic vacation in some foreign land or a more domestic stay-cation, summer can mean neglecting healthy eating habits and normal workout routines.
Safe Tracks

Safe Tracks

A body weakened from chemotherapy couldn't keep cancer patient Darlene Barnes from scouring Jackson County's rural roads for aluminum cans. But her hike in Gold Hill's Sardine Creek area, on Sept. 1,...
Nutritional Bang

Nutritional Bang

OK, are you ready? The word from the recent European Congress on Obesity, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is that overeating is to blame for the American obesity epidemic.
Gardening Tips from a Back Expert

Gardening Tips from a Back Expert

Who can resist the allure of fresh air and sunshine, the feel of dirt and the promise of delicious, home-grown fruits and vegetables? It's a wonderful thing to grow your own food. But gardening is an...