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Taut Torsos

Taut Torsos

By Sarah Lemon
Contorting her hips and waist to trace figure-8s and "golden arches," Emily Alrick moves in the...
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Beyond Organic

"Sustainable," that busiest of buzzwords, is taking on new meanings almost daily and — in the...
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Mixing It Up

Athletes are forever looking for that special something to give them a competitive edge.
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Squash Soup

Thinking about how to fill up while on a diet? Think about soup.
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Sharon Johnson's Column

Weeping for Rose

By Sharon Johnson
People display grief differently.
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Michael Altman's Column

The Cardio Triangle

By Michael Altman
"Perfusion" is the circulation of blood and oxygen to all cells in different...
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The Cardio Triangle

The Cardio Triangle

"Perfusion" is the circulation of blood and oxygen to all cells in different tissues and organs in the body.
Alternate Roads

Alternate Roads

The practice of integrative medicine — combining traditional medicine with complementary and alternative therapies — is on the rise throughout Southern Oregon.
Steamy Stretch

Steamy Stretch

Outside, it's already hot — the typical 85 degrees of a Rogue Valley summer.
The Conscious Grape

The Conscious Grape

Given the choice, we'd all choose wine that not only tastes great, but is good for us and good for the planet, right?