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Get in the swim

Get in the swim

By Sarah Lemon
Suiting up for swimming is as simple as seeking an aerobic exercise that's gentle on the joints.
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Local Choice

A longtime vegetarian, Julie Bonney reintroduced meat to her diet last year as the next step toward...
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Pint-sized Flips

As Amy Smith sees it, her 2-year-old daughter, Alexis, is learning a lot more than coordination in...
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Fit for Life

Elysia Iverson began rowing for exercise at 75, an age when most of her contemporaries were slowing...
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Local All Year

Local All Year

It's winter, and there's not much sun, so you'd think nothing is growing locally — but you'd be wrong. Lots of produce grows all winter, and local farmers, markets and chefs stand ready to...
Restoration Farm

Restoration Farm

A garden or farm should operate like nature, by being fruitful, vigorous and varied with all kinds of plants and bugs — and not getting plowed every spring or trying to function like a factory,...

Supplement Nation

"To supplement or not to supplement?" That is a question I'm often asked. My answer is usually "yes," with some conditions.
10-minute fat blaster

10-minute fat blaster

You overindulged during the holidays. We all do it. There are so many temptations, it's nearly impossible to resist the pleasure of seasonal treats.