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Prehistoric health  food

Prehistoric health food

Story By Sarah Lemon
Searching the Internet for emu oil turns up testimonials from around the world to this supplement...
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The Vine: Gluten-free dreaming

Josh Marten was dreaming about gluten-free, dairy-free onion rings. The dream was so vivid it woke...
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Wave riders

From 50-yard sprints in every stroke to the mile-long freestyle, Todd Lantry has tested himself...
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Healing touch

It's not exercise, massage, yoga or anything else that's supposed to be healthful and good for you.
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Here comes the sun

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Eating for love

Has your sex drive lost its wheels?
Core strength and flexibility

Core strength and flexibility

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'Atopic' of the times

'Atopic' of the times

Not long before President Obama went to climate talks late last year in Copenhagen, Denmark, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it would regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant...