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Sky dancing

Sky dancing

Story By John Darling
"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,...
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Cardio on the coast

Triple-digit temperatures are baking the Rogue Valley, but here in the coastal rainforest, the air...
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CultureWorks Cafe: Clean cuisine

After 18 years as a vegan with long stretches of consuming only raw food, Christopher Iverson...
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Making Medicine

Hung out to dry, wild fireweed and vervain infuse the Ashland herb school with their grassy,...
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Exercising from the not-so-easy chair

Exercising from the not-so-easy chair

It is well-documented that staying active is a key to good health, but not everyone can hike a mountain, ride a bike or join a dance class. For people with limited mobility, getting enough exercise...

The benefits of fire

There is a lot of interest in the benefits of eating raw foods these days, as well as some people advocating an entirely raw diet.
Dental dilemma

Dental dilemma

Nancy Burton used to be "one of those people who always got sick."