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Summer Jo's: Evolutionary eatery

Summer Jo's: Evolutionary eatery

Story By Sarah Lemon
Hours before the first customers arrive at 10 a.m., before cooks fire up the grills, before bakers...
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In the land of giants

Just a handful of miles from Oregon's southern border is a land of giants.
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Back in the swing

Like most gymnasts of her generation, a young Christine Idiart emulated Mary Lou Retton and dreamed...
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Gourmet to go

Stephanie Nelson works just a stone's throw from the Thursday farmers market in south Medford, yet...
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Sharon Johnson's Column

Grading our home kitchens

By Sharon Johnson
In a typical home there's probably one place that functions as the hub. In our...
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Michael Altman's Column

Getting to the root

By Michael Altman
Some of my favorite fall foods are the various tubers and taproots we can...
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Getting to the root

Getting to the root

Some of my favorite fall foods are the various tubers and taproots we can easily cultivate or buy locally. Aside from the more typical starchy staples — carrots, turnips, parsnips, yams and...
Working your dark meat

Working your dark meat

You know you should work on having good posture. It requires less energy, and it works against problems such as arthritis by keeping nerve pathways unhampered.
Rebuilding the food pyramid

Rebuilding the food pyramid

Eating more than ever before and suffering the consequences, Americans will get a heaping helping of new dietary guidelines by the end of this year.
Eye-brain workout

Eye-brain workout

Maybe you don't need glasses. Maybe it's all in your head, and your visual map of the world just isn't matching the real world.
Smart workouts with dumbbells

Smart workouts with dumbbells

Some women worry that using dumbbells will give them big, bulky muscles.
Pshaw, to use a term that is just as old-fashioned as that notion.