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By Sarah Lemon
A sweet mixture of badminton, pingpong, racquetball and tennis, the sport inspires play six days...
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Migraine Medicine

Chronic migraines are like a huge bear gnawing on your head, day after day, often responding to...
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Organicos Natural Cafe: Natural-foods Pedalers

The restaurant has changed its name, menu and ownership.
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Board-ing School

While it may be a tough sell for parents, Windells Academy is a dream for every kid who aspires to...
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Sharon Johnson's Column
Michael Altman's Column

Autumn Spice

By Michael Altman
We've reached that part of the year when the Southern Oregon harvest is...
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Chili-Lime Almond-Butter Noodles

Chili-Lime Almond-Butter Noodles

Makes 6 servings
Autumn Spice

Autumn Spice

We've reached that part of the year when the Southern Oregon harvest is full-on, and the fall bounty is making its way to the table, freezer and pantry.
Paden's Prescription for Health

Paden's Prescription for Health

Just a year ago, Dr. Philip Paden was in league with health care professionals who scoff at and advise against diets devoid of animal-derived foods.
Body Strength for Seniors

Body Strength for Seniors

Every time we turn around, we hear about how important exercise is to every aspect of our health and well-being.