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Gluten-free Holidays

Gluten-free Holidays

By Sarah Lemon
Interest in eating gluten-free is rising faster than baked goods containing the wheat protein...
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Blondies' Bistro

Weighing customer requests for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes, Bobbi Best worried her...
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Pain, go away

A lifetime with muscular dystrophy has made Eileen Pierce intimately familiar with pain.
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Kelp wranglers

Harvested from the near-shore waters off the Southern Oregon coast and sold as munchie sheets,...
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Sharon Johnson's Column
Michael Altman's Column

Nutrition Corner: Mood Food

By Michael Altman
A fascinating facet of nutrition is food's ability to change how we think and...
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Nutrition Corner: Mood Food

Nutrition Corner: Mood Food

A fascinating facet of nutrition is food's ability to change how we think and feel, for better or worse, and how important diet is to cognition, focus, memory and mood.
Patients in the driver's seat

Patients in the driver's seat

Sixty percent of the people who sit in dental chairs say they are afraid and, the joke goes, the rest are lying.
'Racing Yesterday'

'Racing Yesterday'

Ashland fitness instructor Andy Baxter has self-published a new e-book, "Racing Yesterday," that's aimed directly at rowers, but you don't have to be a rower to find a lot of life lessons in it.
Exercising  where you are

Exercising where you are

Despite the efforts of those who want all boomers to become healthy, active exercisers, for some people it just isn't going to happen.

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