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Exploring the art of qigong

Exploring the art of qigong

Story By Sarah Lemon
Mind-body exercises employed by Chinese warriors millennia ago can poise modern people for the...
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Sharing Touch

Mike and Merry Vediner think a new massage course in Ashland should be a "prerequisite for couples."
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Teaching toddlers to tread water has come a long way since the storied method of "toss them in, and...
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Apps for fitness

If you have a smartphone, you have a personal trainer in your pocket and may not even know it.
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Sharon Johnson's Column
Michael Altman's Column

Adapting to adaptogens

By Michael Altman
Western herbs are classified by their medicinal and physiological influences on...
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Locavore Pub & Grill

Locavore Pub & Grill

Abundance is the driving force behind a Jacksonville restaurant that, based on name alone, could limit customer choices.