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Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart

By Daniel Newberry
Competitive athletes make the mistake of overtraining more often than undertraining. For some, it...
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Antioxidants 101

There's a war raging inside our bodies.
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Learning to walk

At age 64, Mary Miller feels like she's just learning to walk.
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Inti's 'now diet'

Bringing her personal touch with Latin cuisine to Talent, Elise Passante ousted the Rogue Valley's...
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Summertime Seafood Cioppino

Summertime Seafood Cioppino

Looking to score a nutritional home run this spring? Consider cioppino, the tomato-based fish stew created by Italian immigrants in San Francisco.
Sweet Pea and  Avocado Guacamole

Sweet Pea and Avocado Guacamole

The flesh of a ripe Hass avocado is so luxuriously buttery and creamy that you know from the first bite it's loaded with fat. The great news is that it nevertheless is good for you. The fat in an...
Caring for caregivers

Caring for caregivers

Struck by a van while walking in a Medford parking lot, Valerie Austermann suffered head injuries that led to permanent brain damage.