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Sharon Johnson
Oregon Healthy Living Columnist

Healthy Aging: An udderly unlikely vacation find

Not too many people, other than my indulgent husband and close family members, know about my passion for the domestic goat.

I am referring to those not-very-handsome, bristle-haired...

Shaking that plumb-tuckered feeling

I’ve felt really "tuckered" lately. Does that phrase resonate with you? I use it when I’m extremely tired, maybe even exhausted, depleted of energy. Just saying...

Rear-end messages say a lot about us

If I'm in my car at a stoplight and it seems to be taking longer than preferred, I handle it more easily if the vehicle in front of me offers a clever bumper sticker or two. My personal favorite is...

Take stock of all your 'stuff'

"How to Make Your Home More Age Friendly" is the title of a U.S. News and World Report article written in 2010. I found it when I was going through a box of old papers, deciding what to keep and what...

Consider writing your own obituary

It's a typical Sunday evening in the Johnson household. There's a thin-crust, spinach-garlic pizza in the oven delivering its incredible aroma throughout the house. My husband and I are having a...

The best parts of getting older

What's the most difficult part about getting older? My husband might answer that question by saying, "Staying up past 11 p.m."

Readers have many suggestions for columns

When you've been writing a weekly column for a long time, you're likely to get requests. People I don't even know come up to me on the street and say, "I liked the column on your granddaughters,...

More than ever, seniors are online

I happened upon this statistic in a random Internet search: More than 54 percent of people over age 65 are actively involved in acquiring health information from the Internet. That's quite a jump...

What do you put on aging feet?

May I ask you to look down at your feet? Mine are early-morning bare right now. Which I always thought was fine around the house — but really isn't. At my age, and with a history of having...

'Hello, grandma and grandpa' — or 'Dumpy,' or 'Nana'

My husband and I have seven grandchildren, ages 1 to 21. The youngest is just beginning to find his words and has begun to call his grandpa "Bampup."

Most people want to grow old at home

Where do you want to be living when you're 95 years old?

Achoo! It's been a particularly sneeze-worthy season

Here's a riddle for you. What's something that occurs more often in the spring, and when it happens, we automatically close our eyes?

Aging: Remember physical activity and exercise

"Remember when ..."

Boomers are undertaking a 'second act' in life

Today is the day. It's a day not just to honor mothers, but to think about them differently. Let's think about fathers differently, too.

Celebrate our common denominator: mothers

Reminders are everywhere that next Sunday is Mother's Day. There are aisles of greeting-card options and flower-giving possibilities. The racks of stuffed animals are as soft and snuggly as you...

Can a walk in the park aid our vision as we age?

The data is in, and it's not pretty. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, sight impairments that involve disease, eye trauma or degenerative conditions that cannot be corrected with...

Reinvent yourself after 60

It's richly satisfying, this book I'm reading. It's the kind of novel that scratches at your heart and makes you freshly reflective about life and its possibilities.

Start small with your age-friendly decisions

It all started in a nail salon. There I am getting my second coat of clear polish when the door opens and two women my age walk in. One sits down and readies herself for a little self-indulgence,...

Planning retirement for 'happily ever after'

Here's a statistic that may grab your attention. Surveys querying older adults about their finances find aging couples believe they should be putting 12.1 percent of their working income toward...

Worry poisons our days, nights

When I asked, "Do you ever worry?" almost everyone I queried responded affirmatively. Sometimes the response was accompanied by a slightly anxious sigh. Some respondents suggested they did "good...