Sharon Johnson's Column

Sharon Johnson
Oregon Healthy Living Columnist

Light a candle for those you have lost

We started a holiday tradition several years ago in acknowledgement of a dear neighbor’s passing. We placed a candle in a prominent window of our home in acknowledgement and remembrance.

Our holiday eating will get a nudge

This year I’m going to give the preparation of traditional holiday food a little nudge.

I will, of course, roast a plump turkey and serve the big bird with long-time, family-friendly...

A good night's sleep can do wonders

Did you wake up this morning completely refreshed — almost restored anew? Maybe you had such a good night’s sleep you’ve been thinking about it all day, perplexed why it...

The pillars of aging well

What is "aging well?”

The studies that originally posed this query were initiated at Harvard University more than seven decades ago by Dr. George Valliant.

Valliant and his...