Klamath Falls lure maker works the art of attraction

Klamath Falls lure maker works the art of attraction

KLAMATH FALLS — Any good fisherman knows the key to catching a fish is catching its attention.
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Ocean salmon season looks to be a winner

BROOKINGS — Ocean anglers will get almost everything they could have hoped for out of what is poised to be a long and fruitful summer salmon season.
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Upper Rogue anglers can expect a three-peat

Spring officially came to the upper Rogue River Tuesday morning when the first spring chinook salmon of the season showed up in the Cole Rivers Hatchery collection pond.
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Online vote could land grant for Prescott Park bike trail

Online voting started Monday for grant program that could help local mountain bikers build a showpiece "flow trail" in Medford's Prescott Park.
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We can help build Prescott Park

It's an exciting time for Rogue Valley mountain bikers. The city of Medford's plan for Prescott Park on Roxy Ann Peak has us pumped. It may seem far off, but there is something all Southern Oregonians can do over the next few weeks to help make the project a reality.
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Students will blaze trails in the great outdoors

The Siskiyou Mountain Club plans to hire local college students for a summer work and education program.
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Lake of the Woods retreat will be restored

Camp Low Echo, a Lake of the Woods retreat for generations of Girl Scouts that was put on the market last year, has been purchased by the Sid and Karen DeBoer Foundation. It will be restored and made available for a range of groups and events, including camping, youth organizations and Scouts.
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Calling all ocean bottomfish anglers

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife needs volunteer anglers this spring and fall to help catch and release ocean bottomfish as part of a study on the effectiveness of marine reserves in growing bottomfish.
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Digging in the dirt

Digging in the dirt

Where the Pacific Crest Trail winds through Crater Lake National Park, stretches of it seem to belie the majesty and beauty of Oregon's only national park.
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How Eight Dollar Mountain ate my bike

Every scar on a mountain biker tells a story. If you ride for long enough, you're bound to crash. For me, the worst crash I had took me off of my old bike and onto a new one, and left me with an injury that I'm not sure will ever fully heal.
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