Our Valley 2008

  • Who does that? We all do

    Have you ever been convinced that there is an evil genius who rigs the traffic lights of Medford to stop the maximum number of motorists for the maximum amount of time? Well, sure. But don't you want to know more?

  • Watch Your Step

    Watch Your Step

    When high visibility is your shield, it pays to wear a turkey on your head.

  • She's Got A ticket To Write

    She's Got A ticket To Write

    While jabs and insults are rare, Linda Fait admits she's been given the occasional guilt trip as she tickets an improperly parked car in downtown Ashland.

  • On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

    Jerry Yowman loves the auto transport business. He started when he was 14 and has been at it since, except for a year when he tried a job indoors and found doing the same thing every day wasn't for him.

  • You can get there from here

    You can get there from here

    In the who-knew-a-job-like-that-existed category, Paula Hoffmann might just take top billing.

  • The speed of light

    The speed of light

    Sitting there at a red light in a busy Medford intersection, how long would you say it takes to cycle through all the red, amber, green and left-turn lights till it gets back around to your turn?

  • Windows of opportunity

    Windows of opportunity

    While most artists view their work as a permanent contribution to the world — perhaps to be regarded for decades or centuries to come — some of Cathy Gallatin's work is washed away in just a few weeks or months.

  • Father & Son

    Father & Son

    For most artists, public display is the ultimate reward. But for stained-glass restoration artists Tim and Dal Yockey of Ashland, leaving little evidence of their work is often the goal.


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