• Rockville!


    Glittering treasures lie on the ground throughout Southern Oregon waiting for sharp-eyed rock hounds to gather them up.

  • Winter  on the Rim

    Winter on the Rim

    It's generally not cool to wake up your tent mate, especially on a winter camping trip when it's really cold and very early. But the stunning sunrise over Crater Lake isn't something you see every day, so I shook my husband, Brendan, awake. From the door of our tent, we had a perfect view of North...

  • Wilderness guide

    Wilderness guide

    If you want real experiences of wilderness, you don't have to travel far. Southwest Oregon contains eight federally designated wilderness areas, with several others nearby in Oregon and Northern California.

  • Wild are the Flowers

    Wild are the Flowers

    Southern Oregon is blessed with a wildflower season that lasts almost half the year — if you know where to go.

  • Whale of a good time

    Whale of a good time

    Carrie Newell recently spent a winter weekend with her friends. Eight of them, to be exact. They were traveling south, and Newell met up with them — four miles out in the ocean.

  • Trout on ice

    Trout on ice

    Since Diamond Lake's fishing season turned year-round in 2013, Rick Rockholt has become a quick study in the nuances of ice-fishing.

  • Trails are for running

    Trails are for running

    In the summer of 1978, 11 athletes ran from the Plaza in downtown Ashland to the summit of Mount Ashland on a course that followed a series of roads and trails. The Mt. Ashland Hill Climb, as it is called, will have its 37th running this year, but it is now only one of nearly two-dozen trail races...

  • Touring wine country on wheels

    Touring wine country on wheels

    Mary Noble and her friends think that riding their bikes to local wineries makes everything taste better: the varieties of red, white and rose wines as well as their packed snacks.

  • Thundering waters

    Thundering waters

    A series of "thundering" waterfalls along the North Umpqua River exerts a powerful pull on enthusiasts visiting and residing in Southern Oregon.

  • The emerald necklace

    The emerald necklace

    Cyclists and joggers know the Bear Creek Greenway as one of Southern Oregon's best places to get some outdoor exercise without traveling too far from home. But you don't have to be a diehard runner or a heart-pounding cyclist to enjoy an outing on the Greenway. There are plenty of things to see and...

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