• Monument to biodiversity

    Monument to biodiversity

    Created by President Bill Clinton in 2000, the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument survived opposition to its creation and a later attempt to dismantle it. Now the calls are for expansion, not extinction, of the protected place in the mountains a dozen miles from Ashland.

    The monument faced...

  • 'Beauty on a scale that is unusual'

    'Beauty on a scale that is unusual'

    In late August 1869, Oregon Sentinel Editor Jim Sutton emerged from a Klamath County forest into a colorful wild garden of grasses, shrubs and flowers.

  • The eruption of Mount Mazama

    The eruption of Mount Mazama

    Mount Mazama erupted so violently 7,700 years ago that American Indians of the time explained the cataclysm in terms of gods battling each other.

    According to legend, the chief of the Below World grew angry when a beautiful woman refused to come live with him in his lodge below the...

  • Inside Our Valley

    Inside Our Valley

    “Don’t spend time beating on a wall hoping to transform it into a door,” fashion icon Coco Chanel once said.

    Bringing something new into the world is a tricky thing. Beat on the right spot at the right time and a door swings wide. Other times that thing won’t...

  • Still looking for truce in timber wars

    Still looking for truce in timber wars

    The 1990 listing of the northern spotted owl as a threatened species is considered the first shot fired in the timber wars. The shot heard ‘round the Pacific Northwest still reverberates more than two decades later. And the 1994 Northwest Forest Plan, meant as a détente in the Cold...

  • Living high

    Living high

    When Rogue Valley Manor opened in 1961, it blew the doors off the contemporary model of senior living.

    Lush, heavily carpeted entrances, chandeliers in the dining room, a wealth of recreational programs and amenities such as a library made the facility a dramatic departure from...

  • Reinventing the region's oldest hospital

    Reinventing the region's oldest hospital

    Southern Oregon’s oldest hospital received infusions of financial support, medical expertise and appreciation in its second century of operation.

    Under the region’s largest health care provider, Asante Ashland Community Hospital succeeded in keeping its doors open, says Chief...

  • Valley of the pears

    Valley of the pears

    The reservoirs at Howard Prairie, Hyatt Lake and Emigrant Lake are one highly visible legacy that can be attributed to the pear-industry boom of the early 1900s, which helped Medford’s population increase nearly fourfold from 1900 to 1910.

    The pear industry played a significant part...

  • Mercy Flights earns its wings

    Mercy Flights earns its wings

    An untimely death during the polio epidemic of the late 1940s inspired George Milligan’s vision of an air ambulance service.

    In a Nov. 7, 1983, interview for a Southern Oregon Historical Society oral history project, the founder of Mercy Flights recalled the “terrible...

  • Lost Creek dam provides highs and lows for the Rogue River

    Lost Creek dam provides highs and lows for the Rogue River

    There is rarely a day when Jackson County's largest artificial structure doesn't affect Charlie Brown.

    A Rogue River fishing guide and river-lover, Brown is one of many Rogue Valley residents who live on or near lands directly impacted by the placement and operation of Lost Creek...

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