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  • Celebrities Share Their Thanksgiving Love On Social Media – 11/28/2015

    On Thanksgiving celebrities turned to Instagram and Twitter to offer holiday wishes. Some of the messages were earnest and sweet. While others were funny, sometimes goofy. Here are a few of our favorites. To my friends visiting Oz and those celebrating around the world…. Here's my dinner. Where's yours? #Thanksgiving pic.twitter.com/57bECWPirt — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) […]

  • What a Wise Guy! – 11/28/2015

    Nora Hill in Edmonds, Washington, writes: I’m writing about the “wise guy” puzzle. (October 4, 2015) Did you ever try pushing a cork into a jug? Even if a person is not dying of thirst, it is a formidable task. He’d probably be dead before the cork went swimming. My answer is that the wise […]

  • Interview: The Voice`s Ousted Evan McKeel: I Didn´t Expect to Go Home – 11/27/2015

    Team Pharrell Williams lost its second member when Evan McKeel became the latest contestant on The Voice to get eliminated - and Parade.com spoke to the performer from Richmond, Virginia, the morning after. To be fair, Evan’s Monday night performance of Nat King Cole‘s “Smile” was probably his best to date. But when it came to […]

  • A Book for Every Stocking – 11/27/2015

    From an update on Ebenezer Scrooge to a look inside the favorite places Ellen DeGeneres has called home, these 12 new books make wonderful gifts. Find more books that make great gift ideas here. View the original at Parade or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

  • 12 Never-Before-Seen Images of America´s National Parks – 11/27/2015

    In honor of the National Park Service celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016, check out 12 never-before-seen photos from Ian Shive in The National Parks: An American Legacy. The gorgeous coffee table book is filled with breathtaking pictures that highlight some of the most beautiful places across America. View the original at Parade or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

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  • Olive Cheese Ball Bites: Holiday Entertaining, Made Easy! – 11/27/2015

    From Thanksgiving to January 1st, it seems like a blur. The time flies by so quickly, and one of the reasons why is all of those holiday parties! So much fun to be had, with so much yummy food to eat! And if you happen to be hosting one of those soirées, you are probably […]

  • Fruity Glazed Ham – 11/25/2015

      This ham is delicious served warm or leftover for sandwiches. Choose a brand of preserves with plenty of fruit pieces throughout. View the original at Parade or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

  • The Pioneer Woman´s Pan-Fried Pork Chops – 11/25/2015

    View the original at Parade or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

  • Whole Wheat Pancakes – 11/25/2015

    View the original at Parade or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

  • Eat Up Chef Marc Kusche´s Amazing Honey-Glazed Jalapeño Sweet Potatoes – 11/25/2015

    Welcome to "Chat & Chew," an inviting interview series in which accomplished chefs answer feisty, fun, fantasy questions. Plus, there is a favorite recipe (below) for you to try! My next kitchen talk spotlights Marc Kusche, executive chef at the Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida. A Preferred Boutique Hotel, the 112-guestroom Spanish Mediterranean revival-style inn is owned […]

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  • 10 Healthy Chicken Salad Recipes for a Quick Weekday Meal – 11/23/2015

    I am ALL about chicken salads lately. They are so simple to throw together and packed with flavor! Perfect for meal prep or those busy days when you just need a simple and satisfying lunch. You can eat them in a bowl, as a lettuce wrap, in an avocado, or on toasted grain-free bread…the options are endless. What is […]

  • Ask Carrie: Saving for Your Child´s Future? Define That Future – 10/12/2015

    Dear Carrie, I would like to open a savings account or a Roth IRA for my 6-year-old son. What do you think? -A Reader   Dear Reader, Saving on behalf of your son is a great idea-and the earlier you start, the better for him. But deciding to save for a child’s future is the […]

  • Ask John: Is It Normal to Wish Ill Will on an Ex? – 10/06/2015

    A three-year relationship I was in just ended poorly. Now I find myself hoping that my former partner struggles to find the happiness we once shared. John, is this normal? – KM Dear KM, I’m sorry your relationship ended. Anytime we lose something or someone important to us, there is a season of grief. So your […]

  • Savor Scrumptious Food, Sexy Shores, Spectacular Sunsets, Happy Hideaways, & More on a Mediterranean Cruise – 10/05/2015

    Sometimes a special journey tugs at your heart-either a trip that you dream about taking or one that you have experienced and still swoon over. For Americans who tuck Europe onto their travel bucket list, the sun-dappled Mediterranean Sea harbors riveting and romantic ports. And the most relaxing way to easily explore multiple countries within a one-week vacation is via a cruise. Rendezvous with […]

  • Ask Carrie: It´s Open Enrollment. HSA vs. FSA-What´s the Difference? – 10/05/2015

    Dear Readers, Fall is in the air and that means it´s also the season for open enrollment. If you’re lucky enough to have an employer that provides a Health Savings Account (HSA), a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)-or both-I recommend looking into them at the first opportunity. Here’s why. The plus side of both HSAs and […]

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