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  • Final Blood: Natalie Anderson On Her Big Survivor Win – 12/18/2014

    After surviving 39 days and 17 other people, Natalie Anderson brought her Survivor journey full circle, walking away as the million-dollar winner - all these days after her twin sister Nadiya was voted out first. In a season packed with blindsides and betrayals, mostly aimed at the major power players like Josh Canfield, Jeremy Collins […]

  • Pianist Danny Wrightīs Christmas Inspiration – 12/17/2014

    Danny Wright has been a Christmas musical force for years. The talented pianist, with sales of over 6 million albums, has six holiday albums under his belt and shows no signs of losing his Christmas enthusiasm. I recently caught up with the prolific recording artist to discuss his holiday spirit and inspiration for creating memorable […]

  • Celebrities Share Some Funny Holiday Stories - Part Deux – 12/17/2014

    So did you enjoy the Celebrities Share Some Funny Holiday Stories, Part One? What? You didnīt read it? (Heavy sigh.) Well, go read those too... To all you overachievers who sat in the front row in school, hereīs your Part Deux (you know, "Two" in French) of Celebrities Share Some Funny Holiday Stories. Enjoy!!!   […]

  • Christmas Comes Early for Hallmark Channel – 12/16/2014

    The Hallmark Channel may be known as "the holiday channel", but this year, thanks to its Twelve New Movies of Christmas, impressively soaring viewer numbers gave the Hallmark team an early Christmas present. I recently caught up with Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of programming and network publicity for Crown Media Family Networks, home of […]

  • Thereīs Still Time to Enter to Win! – 12/16/2014

    If you didn’t get a chance to read my latest holiday book gift guides (which can all be found here), but still want to enter to win a book, there’s still time! Take a look below and tweet me your entry. You can also email your entry (one email per book title, please) to ParadeConnie@gmail.com. […]

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  • Melissa Gilbertīs Favorite Christmas Morning Recipe – 12/17/2014

    Even when she was just a "half-pint" growing up on television as Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Gilbert was already experimenting in the family kitchen at home in Los Angeles. "When I was 8 my friend taught me to make scrambled eggs," Gilbert says. The following Motherīs Day she made the […]

  • Easy Last-Minute Christmas Treats – 12/17/2014

    It’s hard to believe that we are just a week away from Christmas. It seems the season has gotten away from me, you too? The holiday season is my favorite time of year and I just wanted to savor it. I promised myself that I would absorb every moment and yet here we are again. […]

  • Melting Snowman Cookies – 12/17/2014

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  • The Ultimate Comfort Food: Beer Bacon Mac and Cheese – 12/16/2014

    Is there anything better than homemade macaroni and cheese?  Perhaps there is but when it comes to comfort food itīs at the top of the list.  Its an all around favorite, my husband, my 3 year old and I are all nuts for homemade mac and cheese.  This favorite recipe is ready in 25 minutes […]

  • 5 Overnight Breakfast Casserole Recipes to Feed the Relatives – 12/16/2014

    If you have a crowd who will be hanging out at your place during the holidays, here are some breakfast recipes that may save you from a hectic morning of trying to feed all of them.  Click through the slideshow above to find 5 OVERNIGHT BREAKFAST CASSEROLE RECIPES.  There are some delicious choices included! View […]

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  • Choosing and Caring for Holiday Plants – 12/18/2014

    Dress up your décor this holiday season with a live plant or two. Donīt have a green thumb? Donīt worry. Consider these options for gardeners of all skill levels. Poinsettia This Christmas classic is fairly low-maintenance. While red is the most common color this time of year, poinsettias are available shades of burgundy, white, pink […]

  • Itīs Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! Happy Holiday Quotes & Photos to Share – 12/17/2014

    What does Christmas mean to you? These thoughtful and inspirational quotes may make you pause, smile, and reach out to others. Please click the photo gallery launch button to begin. Enjoy the joy!   What do you most savor about this holiday season? Please tell us in the comments below-weīd love to know! Frequent globetrotter Laura Manske […]

  • Americaīs Best Sledding Hills – 12/17/2014

    Sometimes, strapping on boots and skis, or getting the knack of the snowboard, is just a little too much work for the kids (or, letīs be honest, for mom or dad) on a winter getaway. For low-stress winter fun, you still canīt beat a good olī wooden sled - or saucer, or the more 21st […]

  • Ask Carrie: How Many Credit Cards Do You Really Need? – 12/16/2014

    Dear Carrie, Iīm suffering from credit card fatigue. I donīt ever carry a balance from month to month, but I fall for sign-up incentives-and currently have 25 cards (including department stores). Is this too much? And if so, how can I decide which ones to keep and which ones to give up? -A Reader Dear […]

  • Easy-to-Grow ZZ Plant Perfect for Your Indoor Garden – 12/12/2014

    Every once in a while it happens. Along comes a houseplant that is so easy to grow and such a good looker, that I have to admit falling in love. Thatīs what happened when ZZ (Zamioculcas) plant and I met a year ago. The plant and I have been inseparable ever since. My ZZ plant […]

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