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  • National Book Award Winner Jacqueline Woodson Talks brown girl dreaming – 11/26/2014

    Last week, three-time National Book Award nominee Jacqueline Woodson took home the NBA for children´s literature for her beautiful memoir-in-verse, brown girl dreaming, a searing and poetic tale of a young Jackie growing up in the Jim Crow south of the `60s and her family´s journey north to Brooklyn. The book focuses on family and […]

  • `Two and a Half Men´ Star Jon Cryer Talks About `Hit by Lightning´ and Independent Films – 11/26/2014

    Jon Cryer is no stranger to acting in independent films. In fact, he´s worked on the whole gamut of them. "There´s the micro-budget, where you´re using your own clothes as the costume and lunch is `Hey, we´ll head over to the 7-11, and pick up some beef jerky,´" he jokes. "Or there are some independent […]

  • The Expendables 3, Upstairs Downstairs, Adventure Time & This Week´s Best New Blu-ray, DVD & Video Game Releases – 11/25/2014

    As is often the case during Thanksgiving week, this is a quiet one for new home entertainment releases, so we won’t go into too much detail on anything in particular. Highlights this week, however, include a few great box sets of classic British TV (Jeeves & Wooster: Complete Collection and Upstairs Downstairs: The Ultimate Collection), several noteworthy […]

  • 12 Authors Share The Books They´re Most Thankful For – 11/24/2014

    It’s that time of year again — the time to count your blessing, and embrace old friends and family. And for these twelve authors of books for children and teens, some of those loved ones live on in the books they read when they were younger, books that offered reflections of themselves, or lessons learned […]

  • Forget Wine: Pair Turkey with Bourbon – 11/24/2014

    By now, your eyeballs are inundated with wine-pairing stories for Thanksgiving. That’s great. Wine is wonderful. It perfectly matches the juicy and succulence of the bird. Blah, blah, blah. I’ve written those stories before, but let’s think outside the box. What is truly American, made from corn and loved by all? If you answered bourbon, […]

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  • Jack Daniels Pumpkin Pie with Oat Streusel and Maple Whiskey Whipped Cream – 11/26/2014

    This is the week for pumpkin pie, and there are so many different variations on this delicious holiday dessert.  This recipe is from my friend Jes, and it’s one of the best pumpkin pies I’ve had.  There are so many different flavors in this pie and they all blend together absolutely perfectly.  The texture is […]

  • Community Tested: Our Favorite Fall Flavors – 11/25/2014

    Nothing says holidays like grocery shelves filled with limited edition fall flavors of your favorite year-round treats. We´ve scoured the stores and picked five of the best new treats of the season. Nestlé Toll House Pumpkin Spice Cookies ($2.50) Packed with real Libby´s pumpkin, one package of these break-and-bake cookies yields 24 melt-in-your-mouth treats. "They […]

  • 12 Turkey Soup Recipes for your Leftover Turkey! – 11/25/2014

    If you are lucky enough to have some leftover turkey on the day after Thanksgiving, then you’ll be searching for some delicious things to do with that turkey, right? Soup most definitely needs to be on your list. Click through the slideshow above to find recipes for 12 TURKEY SOUP RECIPES FOR YOUR LEFTOVER TURKEY. […]

  • Simplify Your Thanksgiving Feast: Advice from Beloved Celebrity Chef Regina Charboneau – 11/24/2014

    Looking for ways to make your Thanksgiving a bit more manageable without skimping on festive? We turned to culinary superstar Regina Charboneau for guidance. A cookbook author (her latest is Mississippi Current Cookbook), renowned chef (Mick Jagger, Lily Tomlin and Tim Curry are fans of her food) and restaurateur (Kings Tavern), Charboneau owns the historic […]

  • Add These Tasty Fermented Foods to Your Diet for a Health Boost – 11/24/2014

    2015 will be the year of fermented foods - foods like yogurt, tempeh and sauerkraut are about to take center stage. These foods contain live cultures or are preserved in liquid so their sugars and starches can become bacteria-boosting agents. After a multi-year growth of gluten-free foods and probiotics, many consumers have found their digestive […]

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  • Deck the Halls with Christmas Cactus – 11/26/2014

    As you decorate your home for the holidays, add an easy-to-grow plant that will give you the gift of colorful blooms every year. Known as Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera), this tropical plant lights up the house with orchid-like flowers from late November into early January. Native to the jungles of Brazil where the plant grows on trees, Christmas […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Inspirational Quotes & Photos – 11/24/2014

    This week, we gather with family and friends to celebrate all that is dear in our lives. Although this grateful feeling is best when expressed every day, having a singular annual holiday to reflect on, recharge, and renew our appreciation as a nation is enormously uplifting. Please click the photo gallery launch button. From my home to yours, wishing you […]

  • Garden Jargon: A Dictionary of Gardening Terms – 11/21/2014

    Anyone eavesdropping on a bunch of gardening enthusiasts might be a little shocked at their lingo. After all, aren’t “potting-up” and “dead-heading” against the law? And what about “bedding out?” Is it safe or sanitary? Like many hobbyists, gardeners have their own terminology. If you’d like to hold your own at the next garden club […]

  • America´s Best Tree-Lighting Ceremonies – 11/19/2014

    Forget Black Friday. For a lot of people-sentimental types, perhaps-the true beginning for the holiday season is the ceremonial lighting of a Christmas tree-preferably, a really big one. The most famous tree lightings, of course, even get shown on TV: This year´s tree at New York City´s Rockefeller Center will be an 85-foot Norway spruce […]

  • Butternut Squash, Corn & Coconut Soup – 11/19/2014

    For the story behind this recipe, click here. View the original at Parade or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

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