Welcome to our guide to floating and fishing the upper Rogue River. Check out a series of videos by Mail Tribune outdoors writer Mark Freeman and photographer Jamie Lusch, read archived stories about the river and find resources for information on using the river and enjoying its wildlife. Use the map below to watch videos about the river as well as to find the best fishing holes, swimming sites and public-access points along Jackson County’s most popular stretch of water.
Here's an introduction to our video project and the river. Then, explore the rest of the river.

Map legend

  • Yellow markers - Public boat ramps
  • Red markers - Fishing pools and riffles
  • Light blue markers - Wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Dark blue markers - Public swimming holes
  • White markers - Navigational tips
  • Green markers - Bridges

From our archives

  • Whitewater cowboys - 8/29/2014

    SUPs are the new whitewater fad on the upper Rogue River.

  • "King of the Rogue" is a splash - 8/17/2014

    Competitors in a whitewater competition on the Rogue River in Gold Hill Saturday often spent as much time swimming as they did paddling.


  • Pluggin' for steelies - 8/1/2014

    SHADY COVE — When Ryan Forbuss travels to the upper Rogue River in search of steelhead, the Grants Pass man brings a little of the middle Rogue...

  • Boomers on the Trail - 7/11/2014

    For more than 20 years, my wife, Barbara, and I had dreamed of hiking the trail along the Wild and Scenic Section of the Rogue River. In May, we made...

  • Blossom by boot - 6/27/2014

    Blossom Bar is a Class IV rapid on the Wild and Scenic stretch of the lower Rogue River that has taken the lives of numerous boaters over the years.

  • Video: Wild side of the upper Rogue - 6/19/2014

    Fishing and exploring the upper Rogue River from Takelma Boat Ramp to Dodge Bridge. (Video by Mark Freeman and Jamie Lusch)

  • Video: Upper Rogue River Rafting - 6/19/2014

    Watch a video on the basics of river rafting on the upper Rogue River.
    (Video by Mark Freeman and Jamie Lusch )

  • Video: The Hatchery Hole - 6/19/2014

    Watch a video on how to fish the Rogue River's Hatchery Hole.
    (Video by Jamie Lusch and Mark Freeman )

  • Video: Savage Rapids Dam - 6/19/2014

    Slayden Construction Group Inc. employees work at Savage Rapids Dam to strengthen the partialy collapsed section of the down-stream coffer dam on the...

  • Video: Retread Steelhead - 6/19/2014

    Watch this video on the Rogue River's retread steelhead.

  • Video: Rattlesnake Rapids - 6/19/2014

    Learn how to navigate the Rogue River's Rattlesnake Rapids.
    ( Video by Mark Freeman and Jamie Lusch )

  • Video: Navigating the new Savage Rapids - 6/19/2014

    Watch a video of a drift boat navigating the part of the Rogue River where Savage Rapids Dam stood. (Video by Siboney Lusch)