The Kim Report

Timeline of Kim family events

PORTLAND — A timeline of the Kim family’s trip and the search for them:

Nov. 17: The Kim family departs San Francisco in family car for Seattle.

Nov. 24: The Kims leave Seattle for Portland.

Nov. 25: They leave Portland for the Tu Tu Tun Lodge in Gold Beach and are seen eating dinner at a Roseburg restaurant before trying to drive through the mountains to the coast.

Nov. 26: Computer records show one of the Kims’ cell phones receiving two text messages around 1:30 a.m.

Dec. 2: James Kim sets out on foot to try to find help for his stranded family. Police and family begin to search along highways and backroads between Interstate 5 and Gold Beach.

Dec. 4: Searchers find Kati Kim and their two children with the family car.

Dec. 5: Search and rescue personnel find clothes identified as those of James Kim, arranged in a pattern that may have been intended to give searchers clues to his whereabouts.

Dec. 6: The body of James Kim is found at the bottom of Big Windy Creek, half a mile from the Rogue River.

— The Associated Press


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