Labor Intensive, a series

Stories in our series

  • Trickle-down cutbacks - 4/26/2011

    For the past year, Rebecca Sandoval has been Susie Adams' in-home caregiver and her best friend.

  • Public versus Private - 4/25/2011

    As political furor over unions continues nationwide, Bryon Blocher quietly wades through increasing...

  • State of the Unions - 4/24/2011

    Conservative legislators complain that balancing Oregon's budget is often hamstrung by the...

  • PERS continues to be a point of controversy - 4/24/2011

    Nothing strikes more of an anti-union chord among Oregon taxpayers than the Public Employees...

About this series

A three-day series examining these questions:

Sunday: How much power do unions wield in the Capitol?
Monday: Do public employees really get a better deal?
Tuesday: What are the trickle-down effects of state cuts?

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