• It's YOUR day
    It's YOUR day

    Creative couples are adding special touches to their weddings to assure that their big day will be memorable for themselves and their guests.

  • rules for modern weddings
    rules for modern weddings

    From how much to spend on a gift to rules on using social media during the event, weddings can present some tricky situations.

  • Practice with engagement photos
    Practice with engagement photos

    Before being photographed at the wedding, brides and grooms should be friendly and comfortable with their photographer because they've already had their engagement photos taken.

  • Wedding trends and spends
    Wedding trends and spends

    Wedding budgets have risen to an all-time high — to an average of more than $28,000 — according to the Real Weddings Survey, which explores bridal industry trends for TheKnot.

  • Two honeymoon stories
    Two honeymoon stories

    After two military careers, we wanted to honeymoon somewhere neither of us had been — a Tahiti and Bora Bora idyll.

  • Picture perfect
    Picture perfect

    "Keep in mind that photos that are pinned were done so because all the elements came together to create a pin-worthy image — the light, the moment, the clothing, the wind, the location, the...

  • Fantasy spots
    Fantasy spots

    New Zealand is now a honeymooner haven and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, with stunning scenery from dramatic alpine landscapes to quiet pristine beaches, tranquil lakes and top-notch vineyards.

  • Second time around
    Second time around

    An old sonwg suggests that love is lovelier the second time around. And it sometimes is.

  • Beyond the pale
    Beyond the pale

    covered-up backs are also popular with many brides who choose decorative elements such as lace-ups and alluring lines of buttons to add visual interest.

  • Match maid in  HEAVEN
    Match maid in HEAVEN

    More than ever, dress trends for bridesmaids are following the fashion runways, mirroring what women are wearing on the red carpet or for a night on the town.

  • Cutting (out) the cake
    Cutting (out) the cake

    Not so long ago, a cake was the traditional — and only — dessert option at a wedding reception.


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