Boss says police railroaded dancer

A male dancer was arrested hours after a risque Chippendales show at a Medford nightclub Saturday night on charges he sexually assaulted a woman in a motorhome outside the club.

Joseph William DiRese, a newly hired Chippendale who goes by the stage name Joey Dean, remains lodged in Jackson County Jail on $200,000 bail while authorities sort out the allegations. DiRese, 33, of Little Ferry, N.J., was arraigned Monday on four charges, including attempted rape and first-degree sexual abuse.

A spokesman for Chippendales said his dancer has been falsely accused.

I can't believe the cops in Medford, managing partner Gary Savage angrily complained Tuesday from Chippendales headquarters in Las Vegas. This thing is nothing but a railroad job.

According to court records, DiRese was arrested early Sunday morning and jailed on $2 million bail after a 23-year-old woman claimed she was nearly raped in a motorhome parked outside Ground Zero, a downtown nightclub that hosted a packed-house Chippendales performance Saturday night.

In an affidavit, the arresting officer said the 33-year-old dancer tried to make the victim perform oral sex on him by grabbing her head and forcing her to have contact with his genitalia.

The officer also said DiRese fondled the victim's breasts over her shirt, pushed her back on the motorhome's bed and told her, You?re not going anywhere and I want you. He repeatedly blocked her from exiting the motorhome, the officer said.

The victim stated that she was eventually able to push the suspect aside and leave, the statement said.

The felony charges won't stand unless a grand jury issues an indictment. In Oregon, first-degree sexual abuse carries a mandatory sentence of 75 months in prison.

Savage said the arrest was a first for Chippendales, and he repeatedly accused local authorities of rushing to judgment in the case.

I've never had this happen before, he said. Nobody wants both sides of the story. They just want to railroad this guy and throw him in jail for the rest of his life.

According to Savage, the alleged victim gave DiRese a back rub in the bedroom of the motorhome shortly after the show ended and then left moments after another dancer declined a similar offer. The woman then danced the night away and never behaved as though she had been assaulted, Savage said.

Moreover, Savage accused the club's bouncers of slashing the tires of the Chippendales motorhome and trying to pick fights with the dancers. One of the bouncers, he said, fancied himself the woman's boyfriend.

Medford police spokesman Tim George confirmed that one of the bouncers told police he was the woman's boyfriend. The alleged assault was reported at 5 a.m. Sunday, about six hours after the fact.

We're not picking on anyone, George said. We respond to complaints, we got one and we're chasing it down. As far as us having some kind of conspiracy against Chippendales, to me that would be a weak defense.

The incident is the second this year involving adult entertainers from out of town. In March, a 35-year-old truck driver from Phoenix was convicted of public indecency and sentenced to 15 days in jail for accosting a stripper as she was walking from her motel to a nearby gym.

The victim, a former Penthouse Pet, was in town for a weeklong engagement at the Scandals nightclub. The defendant apparently didn't know she was a stripper.