Sarah Lucile Aycock

With grace and warmth, Sarah Lucile "Lucy" Aycock, slipped away to eternity on Thursday, August 23, 2007. Born in Tallahassee, Fla., on February 22, 1922, she grew up roaming old farmland on foot and on horseback, finding a love of nature, and of people that grew all her life. Birds were a special fascination and pleasure for her; binoculars were a must. At Duke University, she delighted in the wisteria of the gardens, was given the fond nickname "Magnolia" for her soft southern accent and ways, became a nurse, and attended chapel, where she fell in love with her late husband, Rev. Tom Aycock. Together they moved from tiny rural churches to college chaplaincy, to building new churches, to large established churches in N.C., New Orleans, Tex., Iowa, and Fla. She practiced her nursing in the newborn nursery, "the happiest place in the hospital," shepherding many babies through their first days of life and reassuring their moms. Day-by-day for her own three children, she created a treasure trove of warm and rich memories that flow seamlessly into our daily lives. Her faith, and an inner flame all her own, lit up her face with an irresistible glow and gentle smile that reflected the love she attracted from all around her. That glow remains with all her family, and with the many friends and children she delighted in. She was a haven, the loving eye of the storm. We very reluctantly let go of this irreplaceable gift we cherished and needed all these years, this strong and hopeful presence, and let her free to roam again and discover the unknown her faith kept her from fearing. She is survived by her three daughters, Ellen, Beth, and Marty, her brother, Edward Proctor, four grandchildren, Steve, Sarah, Jeff, and Nick, seven great-grandchildren, and her beloved cat Oreo. Her funeral will be held at Trinity Episcopal Church, in Ashland, on Wednesday, August 29th, at 2:00 p.m.