AGATE - Fishing is slow for crappie. Until then, fish deep with worms for crappie and perch. No gas motors are allowed on the lake.

AGATE - Fishing is slow for crappie. Until then, fish deep with worms for crappie and perch. No gas motors are allowed on the lake.

APPLEGATE - Trout fishing has been decent on spinners, worms and streamer flies. Fish varying depths to prospect for trout, especially off points and feeder streams. Crappie and bass fishing is very slow. The lake is down to 1892 feet above sea level, meaning the Hart-Tish Boat Ramp still is operable. Anglers can keep up to five rainbow trout or stocked salmon a day, but only one fish can be more than 20 inches long. Also, no bass between 12 and 15 inches can be kept, and only one bass larger than 15 inches can be kept.

EMIGRANT - Winter trout fishing is fair to good and one of the better winter trout bets in the region. Fish worms, small spinners or streamer flies near submerged cover and rocky ledges. Also spend some time prospecting for trout near tributary mouths. The bite is off and on during the day, with early-morning fishing not worth the cold. Fishing for warmwater species is slow.

A health advisory has been issued about eating all but trout from the lake because of elevated mercury levels in fish sampled from the lake.

FISH - Winter trout anglers should be very wary of the thin ice around the edges. Trout fishing with bait and small lures can be good in open water and deep.

GALESVILLE - Anglers are still catching some of the 26,000 sub-legal-sized trout stocked in early October. These fish, while still too small to keep, have grown nicely and are now about 6 inches long. A few stocked coho in the 10-inch range have been caught recently. Some of the trout are sporting copepods, a fish parasite, which occurs naturally throughout the watershed. The copepods can be removed and the fish safely consumed. LOST CREEK - The lake has turned over, so the thermal strata is less. That means the trout can be at any level in the water column. Trolling for trout upstream of Peyton Bridge remains good, with Wedding Rings spiced with a piece of night crawler working well. Most of the trout are in the 10-12 inch range, with few bigger trout in the catch these days. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has dropped water releases to 1,300 cubic feet per second, and the lake remain about 1 foot higher than minimum flood-control pool.

KLAMATH - Upper Klamath and Agency lakes are mostly frozen, which greatly reduces the fishing pressure. Redband trout are slow to respond at this time of year, but you can still catch them sAngling for redband trout has slowed. Redband trout have reduced activity but can still be caught using minnow flies stripped slowly in the top half of the water column.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK - Angling is slow for bull trout. A few anglers are having some success for rainbow trout and brown trout on the Deschutes River arm. The Metolius arm remains closed to fishing. The best boat ramp for use now is the upper Deschutes arm ramp of the reservoir.