St. Mary's students received recognition for their academic successes at an awards ceremony held Oct. 21.

St. Mary's students received recognition for their academic successes at an awards ceremony held Oct. 21.

The spring semester 2008 honor rolls were divided into three groups: Students receiving a 3.5-3.89 grade-point average were awarded honors; those with a 3.9-3.99 were awarded honors with distinction; and those with a 4.0 or higher were awarded honors with special distinction.


Honors with Special Distinction (4.0-4.0-plus): Piper Galt, Bay Gross, Kelsey Gross, Alyxandra Irvine, Campbell Patterson, Lauren Rice, Jessica Steinsiek, Zachary Tomlinson, Rebecca Tribelhorn, Peter Watson, Cydney Wong.

Honors with Distinction (3.9-3.99): Francesca El-Attrash, Anna McCreedy, Lindsey Galt, DeLayne Martin, Josephine Reeder.

Honors (3.5-3.89): Silas Boggess, Michael Brimble, Logan Brooks, Moira Cain, Laura Castañeda, Woon-Ho Cho, Patrick Cully, Dana Fong, Hanna Heycke, Christepher Hoffman, Chloe Jacobson, Kristen Jorizzo, Min-Seok Kim, Jeremy Kotler, Angelica LoMonaco, Anna McGrath, James Pagnini, Olivia Plotnick, Ryan Randahl, Valerie Savercool, Jackie Seus, Jessica Seus, Miranda Spears, Alexander Street, Nick Wright.


Honors with Special Distinction (4.0-4.0-plus): Katherine Bates, Mary Bennion, Louisa Borecki, Lauren Gambee, Logan Harper, Sean Igelman, Janessa Ingram, Cecilia Kerwin, Mary Elizabeth Leavens, Sabine Lefkowitz, Morgan Martin, April Oleson, Ryan Rambach, Sarah Seus, Danielle Shubat, Aubrie Street.

Honors with Distinction (3.9-3.99): Louis Arné, Christopher Bates, Christopher Clark, Joseph Delgado, James Dibb, Matthew Gervais, Veronica Sagert.

Honors (3.5-3.89): Elizabeth Barnum, Jamie Biesanz, Ryan Butler, Sung-Eun Cho, Sophia Congost, Elliot Coughlin, Davis Darnall, Louis Gambee, Alexander Gentry, Skye Hillgartner, Olivia Mesco, Derek Moore, Connor O'Boyle, Joseph O'Sullivan, Anya Primus, Paige Robino, Madison Sexton, Cooper Sherwin, Veronica Valdez.


Honors with Special Distinction (4.0-4.0-plus): Cassandra Carothers, Samantha Fry, Jake Johnson, Maren Killackey, Nicole Martin, Lindsay McCreedy, Abigail Steinsiek.

Honors with Distinction (3.9-3.99): Lauren Angel, Samantha Bayer, Katherine Brafford, Jessica Clement, Holland Foley, Carlie Irvine, Jordan Jackson, Matthew Jorizzo, William Oursler, Alexander Ruppe.

Honors (3.5-3.89): Spencer Anderson, Jaqueline Armas, Grace Ball, Lindsay Barnum, Brandi Bigelow, Leif Bowlin, Nicholas Brooks, Robert Buckmister, Cashel Cain, Gabrielle Carini, Rebecca Casebolt, Kristina Cassidy, Celeste Cattanach, Noah Conway, Delanie Finnegan, Ryan Gasik, Lauren Heroux, Kira Heycke, William Hilton, Evan Hoffman, Andrew King, Mackenzie Krieser, Krista Larson, Jason Lawrence, Evan McGrath, Risa Piper, Rachel Rostel, Alexander Spears, Henry Stout, Zoë Templeton, Clara Viale, Katie Wayman, Loren Westland.

St. Mary's students also received the following awards:

Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Ambassador: Cassandra Carolthers. Cassandra was chosen based on her leadership ability, sensitivity to others and desire to communicate her knowledge to her peers. If she is unable to attend the seminar, Matt Jorizzo has been appointed as the alternate.

U.S. Senate Youth Program: St. Mary's United States Senate Youth Program Nominee is Alyx Irvine. In 1962, the United States Senate voted to endorse a nationwide youth program that would bring high school students to Washington, D.C., for a brief on-site introduction to the functions of the federal government and, in particular, the United States Senate. Each high school selects one student to apply to the state as a delegate for this national conference. Selection is based on outstanding ability and demonstrated qualities of leadership as elected or selected high school student officers of the 2008-2009 school year.

Rotary Youth Leadership Academy students: The 2008 RYLA students were Danielle Shubat, Mary Bennion, April Oleson and Wylie Brown. The Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) is a six-day leadership camp that seeks students who have shown a strong desire to make their school or community a better place. Students go through a rigorous application and interview process and those who are selected are given a scholarship to attend. Students who are given a scholarship demonstrate the willingness to work hard, the creativity and capacity to think outside the box, and the courage to step out of his or her comfort zone. The objective of RYLA is to train high school students in basic leadership skills, inspire them to create and carry out projects that exemplify service above self, instill in them high ethical standards and introduce them to opportunities in other Rotary youth programs.

Kiwanis Students of the Month: Each month, the Medford Kiwanis Club honors two students as Kiwanis Students of the Month. The awards are based on scholarship, service to the school and the community, and a positive attitude. St. Mary's October Kiwanis Students of the month were Nikki Steinsiek and Nick Wright.

Carl Friedrich Gauss Mathematics Award: St. Mary's presented Bay Gross the Carl Friedrich Gauss Mathematics Award.

The Principal's Leadership Award: St. Mary's nominee for the Principal's Leadership Award Scholarship is Zachary Tomlinson. The Principal's Leadership Award is co-sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and Herff Jones, Inc. Participating high school principals from around the country can nominate one senior to compete in this scholarship program. The student is selected on the basis of leadership skills, participation in service organizations and clubs, achievements in the arts and sciences, employment experience, and academic record.