A 60-plus member cast is bringing the computer-animated film "Shrek" to life as Medford's Craterian Theater stages "Shrek the Musical."

A 60-plus member cast is bringing the computer-animated film "Shrek" to life as Medford's Craterian Theater stages "Shrek the Musical."

"It will be a spectacle. There are a lot of fun dance numbers," says Jaese Lecuyer, director and choreographer of the local version of the musical that has been performed on Broadway and across the nation. "There's a light-heartedness and humor to it, while at the same time offering a poignant story of self-acceptance and love."

"Shrek the Musical" will run at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Aug. 1-2, and Thursday and Friday, Aug. 7-8, at the Craterian Theater, 23 S. Central Ave., Medford. A matinee performance is at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 9. The musical is approximately two-and-a-half hours long with one intermission.

Tickets cost $24, $14 for ages 18 and younger, and can be purchased at the Craterian box office, 16 S. Bartlett St., online at www.craterian.org or by calling 541-779-3000.

Some settings are sparse, while others are more elaborate. The Craterian production also was fortunate to be able to rent lavish, imaginative costumes created for a previous staging of the musical at Jesuit High School in Portland, Lecuyer said.

The now-classic blockbuster movie was praised by critics for humor that appealed to adults on one level and kids on another.

"Shrek the Musical" is no different, offering fun for the whole family — including plenty of burping and farting jokes to appeal to the younger set, Lecuyer said.

"It's a show about accepting who we are with all of our imperfections. It's about not assuming based on the outside what the interior has to offer," he says.

In the movie, Shrek — a grouchy green ogre — sets out on a quest with wise-cracking Donkey to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona, who is guarded by a dragon. Their mission is to bring her to Lord Farquaad, who wants to marry Fiona in order to become king.

Along the way, Shrek and Fiona find themselves falling in love, but they must overcome preconceived views and misunderstandings about outward appearances.

For the musical, a trio of 19-year-olds are playing Shrek, Fiona and Donkey. The three are part of the Craterian's Teen Musical Theater of Oregon program, which provides professional-level training and acting opportunities for ages 9 through 19.

Although still a teen, Kelsey Tidball, who plays Fiona, has almost two dozen shows under her belt. She will be leaving for college in the fall, Lecuyer said.

Program veteran Adam Lohman, who plays Shrek, also is in his final role with the program, as is Collin Goldman, a newcomer who is portraying Donkey.

"The chemistry the three have been able to find is inspiring. They've all pushed themselves into new areas," Lecuyer says.

The teens in the musical have formed an almost family-like bond, with older, more experienced actors mentoring the younger cast members, he said.

"The kids understand they are responsible for the magic and power they bring to the performance. They come together as a cast and take ownership of the story and the telling of it. They take risks and gain confidence. They understand whether they have a lead role or are in the ensemble, there will be a moment when they'll touch and inspire the audience," Lecuyer says.