I'm a first class scout in Troop 7. Recently, I met with the manager at CATS, Kristina Lanier, who said that it has indeed been reprieved, by the support of the community. CATS is a not-for-profit organization that manages Jackson County's stray cat problem that is large in terms of size. The organization has about 70 cats in their facility, a majority of them being adult or elderly cats that have been abandoned or cannot be taken with a family for certain reasons. They receive at least five calls a day for reports of strays, but cannot take them because they can’t fit them all. The process for putting a cat up for adoption costs up to $200 dollars per cat. That’s why they’re holding an auction, at DANCIN Vineyards on Aug. 4. They are working together with Spay/Neuter Your Pet (SNYP).

I think that CATS is doing a benefit to our community by sending all strays to good homes, and that more people should pay attention to this matter. You can look at their Pet of the Week broadcast on Channel 12, or look at their website at www.kittensandcats.org.

— Kevin Hunt, Medford