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A.S. Rosenbaum, genial general manager of the Harriman lines in the Rogue River valley, is giving practical demonstrations of the Safety First ideas that do not fail to convince the most skeptical of its value. He is using his newly purchased automobile to show that Safety First can be applied to the auto joy ride and thereby all danger be eliminated.

Tuesday evening Mr. Rosenbaum gave the people of Central Point a most convincing demonstration. The lesson lasted an hour, and witnesses were firmly convinced that as long as Mr. Rosenbaum's system is applied, accidents are impossible.

To avoid going around a corner too fast, Mr. Rosenbaum slapped on his emergency brake. It worked, and the car came to a stop, thus avoiding all danger of skidding or of bumping into the curb. Friends who passed took occasion to congratulate the railroad magnate upon his automobile acquisition, and it was several minutes before an attempt was made to start the car.

Rosey got out and cranked the car. It started after several strenuous twists of the crank. He got in and started off. The car ran about a yard and stopped. Again the cranking process was resorted to and another yard was gained before the engine died. Again and again the performance was repeated. Each time a few inches in distance was gained. Meanwhile, a large crowd collected. Rosey got redder and redder with each crank. Every fresh start was greeted with cheers by the friends of the magnate. Rosey proved conclusively that there was no danger to the public in one of his Safety First joy rides.

After an hour's strenuous labor, someone called Rosey's attention to the fact that his emergency brake was on, and the demonstration ended.