WHITE CITY — Jerry Houck, Kalvin Morton and Matt Sargent each took the checkered flag in their respective A-main races late Friday night in the opening night of the Dwarf Car Nationals at the Southern Oregon Speedway.

Houck cruised to victory in the Vets A-main race, while Morton was first in the Sportsman A-main and Sargent topped all comers in the Pro A-main event. Cameron Diatte also earned a win in the Pro B-main transfers race.

This weekend also marked the final racing week in Southern Oregon for the winningest A-main dwarf car racer in the country in Kelly Gutches, who will be moving to Tennessee. Gutches finished fifth in the Vets A-main race on Friday.

Friday’s Late Results

SPORTSMAN A-MAIN — Kalvin Morton, Camden Robustelli, Justin Yanez, Joey Dale, Sam Bender, Jesse Lorentz, Rob Gergel, Dennis Hively, Jesse Merriman, Josh Miller, Justin Robeson, Tony Engle, Greg Denton, Adam Teves, Tym McCullom.

VETS A-MAIN — Jerry Houck, Kevin Bender, Angel Figueroa, Scott Dahlgren, Kelly Gutches, Ron Dunlap, Fred Hay, Jimmy Hogue, Buddy Olschowka, Mark Biscardi, Dan Mortensen, Guy Tow Sr., Danny Zuger, Kevin Hicks, Reggie Ayres, Glenn Sciarani, Steve Rambo, Don Gifford.

PRO B-MAIN TRANSFERS — Cameron Diatte, Mike Grenert, Josh King, Ryan Diatte, Joe Frock, Brock Peters, Danny Wagner, Rory Mortensen, Henry Corbin III, Cecilia Dilly.

PRO A-MAIN — Matt Sargent, CJ Putnam, Terre Rothweiler, Ronnie Williams, Gene Pires, Reece Shelton Wilson, Ryan Diatte, Cameron Diatte, Shawn Jones, David Taft, Danny Wagner, Henry Corbin III, Ryan Smith, Mike Grenert, Joe Frock, Ryan Winter, Darren Brent, Josh King, David Teves, Rory Mortensen, Cecilia Dilly, Brock Peters.