Hoping Marx was wrong

One hundred years ago, or even 50 years ago, everyone understood that a corporation was a piece of paper created by the state so that owners of a business enterprise could avoid personal liability for the debts of the business enterprise and to provide an entity to own things and to sue and be sued.

Everyone understood that the corporation resulting from the piece of paper was an amoral, ungodly creature, incapable of love, belief, compassion, fear or remorse, a creature "without pride of ancestry or hope of progeny."

Today corporations have have a government-protected right to bend elections, and a government-protected right to disobey the law by asserting religious beliefs they are incapable of having.

Karl Marx predicted that in time corporations would become more powerful than governments. Let's hope he was wrong.

David Beale, Medford

Think about it

Climate is weather averaged over time, influenced by local geography, distance from the equator and ocean, local topography and elevation. Within the constraints of climate trends, daily weather is somewhat unpredictable. Unfortunately, we are experiencing rapid, global-scale climatic changes producing increasing high temperatures, rising sea levels, ocean heat content, water vapor, and sea surface temperatures with dwindling glaciers, ice sheets, snow cover and sea ice and weather chaos.

Although forewarned, we are unprepared! Temperature is not increasing equally everywhere, but average global temperature is increasing. Climate change is the big picture.

On a planet that experienced the hottest May and June since records began in 1880, we learn that July was the hottest Medford July on record, an event totally consistent with the century-long trend of increasing local temperature.

We are gambling with our future! Is it wise to continue adding pollutants to the atmosphere on which we depend? We all have to breathe, so we breathe our pollutants. The health and safety of Oregonians is at stake; we face water shortages, coastal vulnerabilities, forest impacts and agricultural threats.

Our media should help connect the dots. Southern Oregon can be proactive or reactive. Think about it!

Louise Shawkat, Ashland

Thanks to Lions Club

To the members of the Lions Club of Eagle Point, thank you seems like a small word for the generous gift of sending my daughter, Mary Jane, to the diabetes camp the past two years. It's a big expense, and they also paid for the gas both ways. The camp is a distance from Portland and over 320 miles. The first year I'd just had pacemaker surgery the day before Mary Jane was to go to camp, so they had someone take us there, and of course leaving early to bring her back. She learned a lot and had a great time; that's why she wanted to go again. 

Again, I want to thank the Lions Club for making this a special time for her.

Dale Diebold, Eagle Point