Rodeo fans got an extra thrill Wednesday night at the Josephine County Fair when a bull named Soccer Ball escaped the arena and ran free for about 10 or 15 minutes.

No one was injured. A small dog was seen chasing the 900-pound beast at one point. It also broke through a fence.

A mounted rodeo worker known as a pickup rider chased and roped the bull and anchored one end of the rope to his saddle horn, but the bull broke the rope. Two other riders eventually roped it and corralled it.

"They're very agile," Garrett McCaslin of McCaslin Rodeo said afterwards. "They're such athletes. Nobody and no animal got hurt.

"In all my years of rodeo, that's the second bull I've seen jump a fence like that," McCaslin added. "And if it's the last one, that's fine with me."

McCaslin said once the bull was secured a second time, it took a while longer to coax it into a trailer.

The crowd cheered when it was over.

"They thought it was pretty cool," McCaslin said. "Just another day at the office."