One sign is better

The article that appeared "Signs of Change," referring to the multipurpose sign outside of the People's Bank on Barnett Road, puzzled me.

The medical business of Dr. Mark Peterson, M.D., that shares the bank's message board sign, is not off the premises. It is in the same building as the bank.

Would Planning Commissioner Bill Mansfield rather have the attractive building marked up with signs, or would he prefer the people searching for the businesses not know when they have located them? The city planning commissioners need to come up with the times. I would think they would rather have one sign than a bunch of them.

Ann Cacka, Central Point

Extended hours

Now that the library district board members have proven that if you give an elected official a pot of money they will spend all of it, they should take a moment to address why the entire county should subsidize the extended hours of three libraries. Why do people in Eagle Point or Shady Cove or Prospect have to pay more so Ashland or White City or Talent can have their library open longer?

Everyone is paying the same 6 percent, so everyone should have their local library share in the wealth. If some areas want their local library opened longer, let them pay for the service separately.

I know I will be voting no on any upcoming tax levies including the museum and RVTD levies coming up in November. I can’t afford to keep Ashland, Talent and White City libraries open and pay for a bus route I will never use.

Ken Thompson, Eagle Point

Keep Bates in office

We are supporters of Oregon State Sen. Alan Bates. He has been an excellent representative for our region and our state.

He understands and works hard for many issues, coming up with reasoned solutions that have improved the quality of life for Oregon citizens. For the good of all he will continue to pursue creation of good jobs, access to health care, educational opportunity, a quality environment and small business growth. We encourage voters to keep Senator Bates in office for another term.

Jeane Lind and David Berger, Ashland

VA has been competent

I am a Marine vet from the Korean Conflict. In the private sector, I was in sales and public relations for more than 40 years. I have used VA services in White City on several occasions. All the personnel I have had contact with have been very professional and competent.

It only takes one or two people to create a bad image for those who serve those in need.

Fred Bentley, Medford

Food Project says thanks

The Medford Food Project sends a hearty thanks to the generous donors and neighborhood coordinators throughout Jacksonville, Central Point and Medford who made Saturday, Aug. 9 a truly successful pick-up day.

Nearly 26,000 lbs. of food were collected. This was a Food Project record for August, a month when food pantries have high demands, trying to fill in for school lunch programs. You helped to meet that need.

Our thanks as well to Southern Oregon Subaru, the sponsor of our August pick-up.

As an all-volunteer effort, the Medford Food Project collects food-filled green bags from our donors in Jacksonville, Central Point and Medford, every other month. This food goes directly to local food pantries for distribution to our hungry neighbors.

Our next pickup is Oct. 11. If you would like to help call 541-210-8288 or go to

Again, our thanks for a great community effort.

Renee Kenna, Medford