Thanks for assistance

To the jogger who was running on Spring Street Sunday morning, thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to my rescue after I had fallen in the driveway at my son's house. Lying with my head downhill and my feet uphill, I just could not get up on my own. You are truly a good Samaritan.

Joan Ramsey, Salem

Bates has been a leader

As a physician who practiced internal medicine for nearly 50 years before retiring to Jackson County 10 years ago, I remember vividly how difficult and frustrating it was to attempt to care adequately for the elderly and the medically indigent before Medicare and Medicaid were enacted.

Even then, if someone lost health insurance and had a serious medical condition, new insurance was impossible to obtain.

With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the problems of pre-existing conditions were eliminated, and with the subsidies, the affordability of health insurance has improved. Dr. Alan Bates has been a leader in the Oregon Senate in ensuring that all Oregonians have access to health care.

Vote to re-elect Dr. Alan Bates to the Oregon Senate.

Frank R. Hieber, Medford

Forecast quakes now

The Napa earthquake left three people critically wounded and wreaked $1 billion in damages. This is Oregon's wake-up call.

As bad as that quake was, it pales in comparison to the horrors a powerful quake and tsunami would inflict on the Oregon coast. With little or no notice, thousands would perish. This needn't be! Systems exist today –– developed by nonprofit research corporations with assistance from NASA Ames Research Center –– capable of forecasting quakes with pinpoint accuracy days in advance.

Oregonians need to proceed on two fronts. We need to do whatever we can to encourage corporations like San Jose-based GeoCosmo to bring this technology into the open. Simultaneously, we need to change laws so that private parties may legally issue quake forecasts without being sued.

Nobody sues the National Weather Service if a funnel cloud fails to touch down. And if tornadoes do materialize, we likewise trust that "a word to the wise" does not incite panic. The same rules should apply here.

The value to the public as well as to emergency workers of knowing when and precisely where a quake will strike is inestimable. Action now is a moral imperative.

Alberto Enriquez, Medford

Wait for the truth

After watching the sad situation in Ferguson, Mo., I was not shocked at the way the media covered it.

There was never a call to wait for the investigation so the truth may emerge.

Instead, the media chose sides and went along with the anger and frustration displayed by the local citizens who had made up their minds that a white cop murdered a black teen.

No one cared what the cop had to say for himself. He has been found guilty by public opinion and to hell with the truth. His constitutional rights are ignored and mob rule is the order of the day.

Today I read a letter to the editor from a person who believes that this was a cold-blooded murder. I say to this writer, may God help him if he finds himself in a tough situation and the mob says he is guilty. Something tells me he will be screaming for his rights and want a fair trial.

Lee Eastwood, Medford

Justice for Hamas

Regarding Beth Gould's letter "Gaza blockade must end," the best response might be found on the front page of the Saturday, Aug. 23, Wall Street Journal.

There is a picture of three hooded gunmen standing over three hooded men, arms behind their backs, titled "Summary Justice from Hamas in the Streets of Gaza." The caption below: "Broad daylight: Hamas militants executed 18 people Friday, some on crowded streets in the middle of the day after accusing ten of aiding Israel."

When Hamas chose to launch thousands of rockets on Israel, its leaders understood Israel would be forced to respond. These counterattacks would, of course, be directed at launch sites, many located in the midst of civilian populations — causing "collateral damage" — i.e. civilian casualties. A "PR" victory, even if a moral disaster.

Would there have been the same hue and cry had any of the Hamas rockets pierced Israel's defenses, resulting in thousands of Israeli deaths?

Check your Bible: in Genesis 6:11 to 6:14, the words "violence" and "lawlessness" are translated from the Hebrew word "Hamas."

Bob Golding, Medford