Fed up

What the what? After listening to every agency complain that there's no money, and prying more taxes out of us, they have the nerve to now say that their coffers are to the point of triggering a kicker check!

Well let me tell you, we will never again fall for the lies of anyone in government by falling for any attempt for us to vote for higher taxes on anything. You all are unbelievable.

Wendy Grammatica, Central Point

It must not be awesome

I'm watching an NBC interview where some radical Muslim clerics are discussing how amazing it will be — and is — in the "Islamic State." Funny, the interview takes place in a room with what appears to be a functional HVAC system, in Britain somewhere — which enjoys a stable democracy.

What makes it all amusing is how silly they sound. You just have to see it.

The other amusing thing is — they feel free to talk about how awesome this Islamic State is — but of course, where are they? That's right, in Britain. Which, like America, allows you to generally run your mouth no matter how ignorant you are or how uneducated or even hateful you are.

If the Islamic State is so amazingly awesome, why are these guys enjoying the comforts of Britain? Why not go live in paradise, a.k.a. the Islamic State? That's right, it must not be that awesome after all.

Steve Ryan, Medford