Why do students attending the Oregon Health & Science University nursing program in Ashland have to pay rent on a classroom they use? My daughter is attending the nursing program. She tells me when the rent is above $1,500, they freeze the account. Then they can't register for classes. Also they are charged $7 per week as a late fee. Why isn't the school paying for the classroom?

— Joyce, White City

An employee with the OHSU program on the Southern Oregon University campus said she has never heard of students having to rent a classroom. However, students who fall behind on payments for college classes may be blocked from taking courses, she said.

Students taking OHSU nursing courses are charged OHSU tuition as well as SOU campus fees. Many students who take OHSU nursing classes also take SOU classes, the employee said.

When students don't pay their SOU charges at the beginning of each term, SOU will activate a Revolving Charge Account Plan, which functions somewhat like a credit card. The plan charges 9 percent interest annually. One-third of money owed is due at the beginning of the term, with the remaining two-thirds due by the first day of the last month of the term. There is a $15 late payment fee, according to SOU's payment policies.

SOU can withhold services, credits, transcripts and diplomas if money isn't paid to SOU or any other institution in the Oregon University System, according to payment policies.

The OHSU employee urges your daughter to contact her OHSU academic advisor about her payment situation. Students who owe SOU are encouraged to contact the Enrollment Services Center at 541-552-6600 if they know they will have difficulty meeting payment deadlines.

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