Lisa, the first pig at Sanctuary One animal care farm in the Applegate Valley, has died.

Best known for her love of belly rubs and snuggles with Animal Care Manager Sansa Collins, Lisa had been in failing health and died on Sunday, a Sanctuary One release said.

Lisa had been rescued from a farmer who was raising her for slaughter. Strong and intelligent, she’d learned to escape her confines, and the farmer punished her by hitting her with a board. When the authorities were alerted to the abuse, Lisa was rescued, moved to Whatcom Humane Society in Washington state and finally transferred in 2010 to Sanctuary One.

"Lisa was our very first pig at Sanctuary One," says Collins. "She was the face of the Sanctuary and will be missed by all who had the opportunity to meet her."

The 800-pound Lisa was popular among touring school groups and other farm visitors.

Sanctuary One focuses on rescuing animals that have been abused and neglected, helping them to heal. While most animals at Sanctuary One are adopted into permanent, loving homes, all resident animals are guaranteed lifetime care there if they need it.

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