Grants Pass City Council today will consider helping sponsor a balloon festival later this spring.

Event coordinator Caleb LaPlante is organizing the Rotary's three-day Rise Up For Kids Balloon and Kite Festival, which is scheduled to for June 2-4.

Balloons will be lighting and flying out of the fields at South Middle School and landing at the main event at the River Road Reserve west of town.

Large kites also will be flying, including the world's largest American flag kite. Dubbed "the MegaFlag," it is 10,000 square feet.

"That's something we're really excited about, because it doesn't fly at any other balloon and kite festivals in the country," LaPlante told the Daily Courier. "It's a good answer to the question, 'What makes the Grants Pass festival unique?' "

City Council will hear a presentation from LaPlante and decide whether the city wants to become a sponsor of the event for the next two years. LaPlante is asking for $20,000.

There used to be a balloon and kite festival in Grants Pass that began in 1999, but it ended in 2008.

The event was originally planned as a joint-coordination between the Rotary Club and the Grants Pass Tourism Board, however the Rotary Club decided to take the lead on it, as making it a city project would require that funds could not go to specific charities.

There will parking fees at the Reserve and small fees for some activities, such as tethered balloon rides. All proceeds will go to the Every Child, Safe Families and Court Appointed Special Advocates charities.

Details of the fees are still being ironed out and will be more firm in the next couple of months.