A wrongful death lawsuit by the family of a Hugo woman killed by a pickup truck driven by her boyfriend two years ago has been settled for $125,000.

Lawyers for the estate of Cheryle Ann Anderson, 53, and Richard Rohan made the deal, and Josephine County Circuit Court Judge Michael Newman ordered the case dismissed in December.

"I think the family is satisfied it's over," said Tim Williams, attorney for Sarah Marie Prevatt of Bend, Anderson's daughter and representative of the estate. "It was a horrific accident. It certainly wasn't intentional."

Court documents show each of Anderson's five children was awarded $20,000. The rest went to legal fees.

Williams said Rohan's insurance covered a large portion of it.

On Jan. 15, 2015, Anderson and Rohan, 71, had been drinking at Baldini's Restaurant & Lounge in Merlin, got into an argument, then later resumed the argument at their home on Three Pines Road.

Rohan left the house and got into his truck, while Anderson followed.

Rohan backed out of the driveway, running over Anderson as she trailed behind him. According to both Oregon State Police and the lawsuit, Rohan got out to check for her, didn't see anything, then got back into the cab and started forward, running over Anderson again.

Rohan got out and found her in the driveway, dialed 911 and took instructions from the dispatcher as Anderson laid on the asphalt. She was dead when paramedics arrived.

The case was investigated by state police. No criminal charges were filed against Rohan.

The civil lawsuit alleged that Rohan was still affected by the alcohol in his system when he backed over Anderson. OSP found his blood-alcohol level to be just under 0.02 percent, well below the legal limit of 0.08 percent. The sample was taken six hours after the incident, according to OSP records.

Prevatt said in 2015 that although the district attorney couldn't prove Anderson's death wasn't an accident without reasonable doubt, she was pursuing the lawsuit because she believed differently.

"She will not meet her future grandchildren, and we will never again move the furniture out of the way in the living room to have a dance party with our mom — one of our favorite family traditions," Prevatt wrote in 2015. "But we WILL stand up for our mother. Just as we should, and just as she always stood up for us."

Anderson is survived by her five children, one grandchild and her mother.

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