Extreme bias

Recently, I resubscribed to the Mail Tribune after canceling the paper many years ago because of its extreme liberal bias. I renewed my subscription because I wanted to keep abreast of local news and with the hope that the majority of its opinions and stories had become less one-sided. Sadly, I have found this is not the case. Except for common-sense, intelligent points of view by Charles Krauthammer and George Will, the reporting is almost entirely weighted toward a radical progressive ideology. 

I have lived and worked in the Rogue Valley for much of the past 65 years and was a Mail Tribune paper boy growing up, but much of my reading in the past few years has concentrated on publications like the Wall Street Journal. If all the news were more equitably reported I believe your publication could offer a much more balanced and positive contribution to the citizens of the Rogue Valley and certainly assist our country in becoming stronger and united again.I am writing this because I noticed you were asking for constructive criticism and of course this is just one individual’s opinion, but I know many who share my concerns. Richard E. “Jim” James


'Great Again' soon

The president of the European Council just added Donald J. Trump to their list of threats to Europe. President Trump joins China, Russia, Radical Islam, war and terror as those who have the dubious distinction of being on this list.

We should all thank Trump for making us so much safer and immensely more popular with the rest of the world, and all in less than two weeks. This country's going to be "Great Again" before we know it.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Stand up to Trump

One of the pillars of democracy that the man-child is doing his best to attack, vilify and suppress is the press, for supporting the truth, not the "alternative truth," ie, lying about his lies; rather like Orwell's 1984 — doublespeak, repression of criticism and "Big Brother."

Complicit in his grab for unlimited power are hypocritical, amoral members of Congress who worship party loyalty above integrity and will rubber-stamp his agenda without questioning  his inappropriate decisions. He is destroying all the bipartisan progress that has been accomplished over the past 60 years and will continue to do so unless his feet are held to the fire. Only investigative reporting by a free press will help save this republic and expose him for what he is; a bipolar, delusional, insecure demagogue surrounded by "my people, the best"; relative to whom? "So sad"!

In four days he began to destroy our democracy and rip apart the fabric of our society. Unless we all stand up to his ignorance, lack of historical perspective, autocratic behavior and bullying. There are more important issues facing our nation and the world than tweeting at 3 a.m. about "the lying press, they are the worst." Talk about paranoia!

Yale Sacks

Central Point