Please tell me this a onetime error and not the norm! What have you done? Saturday I was disappointed to find the only relief to the day-to-day political drama — the comics page of the Mail Tribune — in shambles! All the best — yes, my opinion but that of many others, too — were missing from the day’s comics page, replaced by less desirable choices.

Where is "The Grizzwells"? What! No "Pearls Before Swine"!? And "Pickles," "Peanuts" and "Baby Blues"? I’m blue thinking of what became of them all. “There Oughta Be A Law” (pun intended). Please cease and desist and bring back the best of the best.

I’m asking, tell me: Will you bring back the regular comics page?

— Linda G., Central Point

Yes, Linda (and everyone else who wrote and called and marched in front of our office with pitchforks), we will be bringing back our usual lineup. Saturday's comics page was — let's see, how should we put this? — a screw-up, foul-up, fiasco, unmitigated disaster and/or ignominious failure.

Here's the rest of the sad story: Our comics pages, like those of most newspapers, are produced by an outside source and shipped to us electronically. It's clear that in this case, the wrong file was unintentionally shipped to us — unless it was an evil plot by the producers of "Mary Worth" and "Rex Morgan, M.D." to expand their audiences. We should have caught it on our end, but it turns out that late at night one comics page looks a lot like another and we just flat-out missed it.

But Saturday morning readers didn't miss it and promptly let us know in multiple ways (OK, so they didn't actually march on our office with pitchforks, but some of the emails made it sound like they were considering it).

We are humbled to provide news and other information to you on a regular basis and some days, like Saturday, are more humbling than others. We shall do our best to avoid a repeat.

For those of you clamoring to see the latest valentines adventure in "Big Nate," fear not. We have published Saturday's comics page in today's paper, on Page A7. Starting Monday, all should return to normal in the world of comics. (Sorry, Mary and Rex.)

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