Where is the outrage?

Republican Ronald Reagan added $3 trillion to the national debt. Republican George W. Bush added $12 trillion and actually more when considering federal revenues were in free fall when Obama took office.

Now, Republicans have ordered the Office of Management and Budget to not disclose the deficit caused by the pending repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Where’s the outrage, Republican base? Bet you listen to Republican Sean Hannity and believe debt is Democrats’ fault.

Now that you know facts, does that change your opinion of Republicans or Sean Hannity? If not, then you’re paper tigers.

Wes Brown


Welcome to the flip side

The petulance and hypocrisy of the Democrats is laughable.

I have noticed that most of the columns, letters, cartoons, and even national wire articles are biased against President Trump or his administration. I would remind you that outside Ashland/Talent and other liberal enclaves, President Trump got a majority of the Jackson County votes, but that is irrelevant to the MT. The conservative viewpoint is obviously not important.

Democrats are still trying to figure out how the election was lost. People who live outside the Left Coast and the Peoples’ Republic of New England could tell you. There are people in this country who live outside of LA, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, et al. They wanted our country back, and surprise, surprise, President Trump is doing exactly what he promised them that he would do.

The establishment elites in Great Britain are similarly wondering why the people there voted for Brexit. My wife’s relatives in Oxfordshire could tell them. The common folk who live outside London also wanted their country back and to regain control of their borders.

As President Obama said, “Elections have consequences.” Welcome to the flip side, Dems.

Terry McNaught


It's called fascism

So now Trump is throwing a bone to his Christian supporters with trying to do away with the Johnson Amendment so they can preach politics without fear of losing their tax exempt status.

What a laugh! In his world he must think that every church in American will now sing his praises. In the meantime, he wants to gut the Dodd-Frank bill to allow banks to screw us again and then kill the Consumer Protection Agency.

Perfect. Handing his billionaire cronies anything they want while we stand to pay the price. I am not a Hillary supporter so please don't accuse me of whining, but I do fear for the road that we are going down — it's called fascism.

Wendy Grammatica

Central Point

Thanks to community

Losing a child unexpectedly is difficult to endure. Discovering the amount of love there is for her fills our hearts. The amount of love and support we have received from the community and beyond is overwhelming.

We thank every single person who has sent a card or an email or dropped off food or flowers. From current and former co-workers to dear friends and mere acquaintances, we truly appreciate every note and hug. What a community. Thank you, Casey's family.

Brad Galusha