Feb. 14, 1917


The report that extensive development are to take place this summer at happy camp is further confirmed by an account given to Wellborn Beeson of Talent last Saturday, by a young doctor of Nevada, who is in charge of 40 doctors, who handle medical work for the Guggenheim interest on a contract basis.

According to the story of this doctor 1,000 men will be placed at work at Happy Camp this summer in the development of the Thompson holdings. Thompson is a millionaire mine promoter and manufacturer, being heavily interested in the manufacturing company who turned out Indian motorcycles.

To provide an outlet for the Happy Camp production, the doctor stated, plans are underway for the pushing of a railroad from Crescent City in Happy Camp construction to be done by Twohy Bros. This construction will start during the early summer.

The railroad line would be approximately fifty miles in length. Formal reports of railroad construction from Crescent City have given the route as via Cook and Green Pass. Mr. Beeson, who is thoroughly familiar with the ground having made reconnaissance of the country for the government during 1915, stated that a more favorable route would be found by skirting Ellie Creek at some distance clearing by the additional mileage sufficient elevation to carry the road and easy grade through Wards Creek and in the elevation of 5,160 feet rather than crossing the Applegate, traversing rough country and going through the Cook and Green pass.

By this route would be around will pass within 3 or 4 miles of the blue lodge and perhaps closer. Also the line would pass directly by Cinnabar Springs.

By the construction of this line it will be possible to haul by rail to Crescent City and ship by boat from there to Tacoma for smelting, providing a much lower tonnage rate.