Feb. 16, 1917


Representative Sheldon's normal school measure passed the senate late this afternoon after a hard fight. When the resolution went over from the house, a canvas of the senate showed only about six votes for it. By holding it in committee until he could carefully canvas individual members of the senate, Mr. Sheldon won over senator after senator until he had the necessary majority on his side. The measure came out onto the floor with an adverse committee report, but the organizational worked up in its behalf, went to bat, turned down the committee's recommendation and passed the measure with a few of your votes to spare.

The resolution puts on the ballot for the vote of the people at the next general election a single measure providing for two schools, one to be located in Ashland and another at a city in eastern Oregon to be selected by the board of normal school regions. Continuing millage maintenance provision is made of 1-25th of a mill for each school. This produces an annual maintenance fund of about $37,000.


The case of the State of Oregon vs. Ed Lamport, Medford harness dealer accused of illegally importing liquor into the state, was begun in Justice Taylor's court this afternoon. The case is creating more interest and attracting larger crowds then any held in the city during the past year.

The case was opened at 2 o'clock this afternoon and the work of selecting a jury was begun.

Two suitcases of liquor and a packing box containing 24 quarts of beer seized in a raid on Lamport's home two weeks ago will be introduced as evidence. The case of beer bears a Wells Fargo express label and is directed to H. Hawkins, Medford. The fact that the beer was found in Lamport's home indicates, according to those who conducted the raid, that Lamport obtained it through indirect consignment, contrary to the prohibition laws. The beer was shipped on January 25.

The conductor and brakeman of the train on which Lamport is alleged to have brought in the two suitcases of liquor from Hornbrook, will be two of the states principal witnesses.