Ah, sweet spring racket — the birds making rowdy (I heard my first red-winged blackbirds today), tires slicking over wet pavement, the softly creeping moss upon my roof, nail guns.

On my walk in Eagle Point, the healthy signs of a spring stoked with optimism reach out to me through fresh commerce.

One early bloomer is a new eatery, now inhabiting a long-vacant building on Alta Vista. This outfit has the nerve to pack the parking lot so full that I can no longer park Fiona there whilst getting my fresh air fix. With the name Crackin’ & Stackin’, guess what they specialize in?

They’re open for breakfast and lunch, with multiple choices for egg and pancake options. But they offer the usual lunch burgers, sandwiches and salads, too. Last Sunday, I had their veggie omelet and delighted over the abundance of honest, non-greasy vegetables encased therein. By the size of their lunchtime crowds, they should add "Packin'" to their name. As in, packing them in. They earn one extra thumb up for hiring our friendly and attentive server Augenet (awe-zhen-ay).

On today’s walk, I moved across the street from the restaurant to where the whine of circular saws and nail guns poppin’ meant new construction. At last, homes sprouted from dormant plots. I’d come to regard the sign announcing, “Coming soon, a new community,” as someone’s broken dream. The poor thing had begun to fade and list to one side. But a worker for River Lane Homes, a local, family-owned business, told me that 15 new houses will fit nicely into the once-barren cul-de-sac. Building is on the rise.

New duplexes and triplexes stand ready for habitation in the golf course community after years of walking by empty cement pads. And Eagle Point will finally offer overnight lodging, and that of the classy variety, available quite soon now. The first phase of The Resort at Eagle Point consists of three chalets, with four units each. A firm out of Grants Pass, the Ausland Group, is the general contractor on the project.

I stopped by and had a chat with Sherman Welch, job supervisor and Lake Creek resident. I picked him out as the guy holding up his truck. Just kidding, Mr. Welch. I am a kidder. He assured me everything was running on schedule and that they planned to open the doors by the end of May or first of June. They began accepting bookings about a month ago, with stays beginning July 1. You or visiting friends/family can book online at lodgingateaglepoint.com.

“These are going to be high-end. The word they (owners) use to describe them is boutique,” said Welch. “They have a great view of the course, and once the clouds go away, also they’ll have a good view of Mount McLoughlin.”

Images on the golf course website offer a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect, and they do appear elegant, indeed. I’m looking forward to a grand opening and a tour.

May your spring be prosperous and less wet (I’m not complaining), and a happy St. Patrick’s Day complete with Irish soda bread, if not a pot of gold, for all.

— Peggy Dover is a freelance writer living in Eagle Point. Email her at pcdover@hotmail.com.